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"From all of us at Georgia Pacific we would like to say THANK YOU!!! You did a wonderful job of helping us break down barriers, work together and have FUN! Thank you very much for putting this together and pulling it off flawlessly."

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Team GPS Treasure Hunt in Atlanta

Atlanta GPS scavenger huntThe Great GPS Chase

There’s no stopping to ask for directions in this program! The team is taught how to use a map, GPS, compass and other tools (known as orienteering) in order to find as many hidden sites as they can. Along the way, they have other fun brainteasers, trivia and photo challenges to tackle, and some hands-on challenges to complete at a few of the destinations. Each team sets their own pace, so this event is great for groups with a variety of ages and physical abilities. Planning, integrating various skill sets, and effective use of time are the determining factors of success.
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Powerful teamwork lessons

Some of the skills your group will practice in this team building event include:

  • Work as a collective force to achieve a common goal.
  • Develop group decision-making processes.
  • Understand the importance of time management.
  • Practice communication skills, such as active listening and feedback.

Great GPS Chase Program Details:

  • Physical Activity Level Light to moderate. Good for groups with a variety of skill and physical ability levels.
  • Size of Teams Ideally 4-8 participants
  • Total Group Size: 15-250+ participants
  • Length of Team Building Program: 2-3 hours
  • Additional Options: Service Project: Teams retrieve bicycle parts at the GPS challenge locations. They then build the bikes, and they are donated to a local charity. Additional cost.
  • Locations Available: Simpsonwood, Stone Mountain, Callaway Gardens, local parks (e.g., Piedmont, Grant, Wills, and many others), school, college or large business campuses, some resort properties (outdoors).

Team GPS Hunt Agenda

  • Welcome & Warm-Ups (5-15 minutes) Atlanta Challenge staff welcome the participants and set expectations for the event.
  • Team Up! (10 minutes) We lead some fun warm-up activities that also randomly create small teams. Each team creates a name and slogan which represent their commitment to success and teamwork.
  • The Chase (60-120 minutes) Teams locate as many destinations as they can, conquer the challenges they find there, and complete fun projects along the way.
  • Checkpoint Challenges (during The Chase) Teams complete hands-on challenges located at 3-5 of the checkpoints.
  • Clipboard Challenges (during The Chase) Teams earn additional points by solving brainteasers, answering trivia, finding out about their team mates, and having our staff take pictures of them as they sing & dance various numbers.
  • Scoring (15 minutes) Teams reconvene at the starting area and turn in their backpacks and scorecards, and start preparing their presentations.
  • Wrap-Up (15 minutes) At the end of the program, the teams all come together to share their experiences and the lessons they have learned in short, entertaining presentations. We end with a fun closing activity and a final group picture.

For pricing or to book a Great GPS Chase program, choose the link that best describes your group, or call us at 404-848-1001.

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