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What is the most important part of a team building event? Fun!

Yes, you do want to meet your team development goals for your program, too. But we all intuitively know that team building is more effective when it is fun, and teams that play together create bonds that can be used to help get through the more difficult times every team has to navigate. Atlanta Challenge specializes in fun team building events that are not cheesy.

You can instantly download details and pricing team building activities by group size here, or browse our most popular fun team building events below. If you would like help choosing which program is the best fit for your goals and helping your group have a great time, contact us at information@atlantachallenge.com or 404-848-1001.

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New Ribbon-30

Who says a fantastic hunt experience has to be outdoors? This event will have your team hunting in many different locations around the world, without ever leaving the room. Your group is part of an elite secret squad tasked with tracking foreign spies. Each task force (team) will need to use their combined problem solving skills and wits to locate, outsmart, and catch up with the spy, while keeping their investigations secret from the public. Teams will utilize iPads, resource materials, and our live special agents to win this chase.

Amazing Spy Chase Details


Team Improv Dinner Theater-25 New Ribbon-30

If you have ever watched an improv show and thought, “I can do that,” now is your chance! Learn how to communicate and collaborate with your teammates by creating the funniest skit. Practice improv skills with our staff, then put your group to the test by using your new skills in front of the group. Think you are prepared? The “audience” will change the rules as the show proceeds, so quick-thinking and cooperation are essential. The best part is that you get to watch the other teams put on their shows, too.

Team Improv Details


Pirate Treasure for Tots-25New Ribbon-30

The pirates have stolen Christmas! Can your band of privateers find and retrieve all of the lost toys using the maps and clues taken from the pirates? In this tabletop adventure, each team must prove they are as cunning as Blackbeard by solving clues to find a series of hidden treasures. Each treasure is an actual toy that will be donated to a child in need.

Pirate Treasure for Tots Details



Teams take a competitive Race Around the World, without leaving the event location! In this high-energy program, teams solve clues that take them to exotic locations all over the world. At each location, they tackle a fun, location-themed challenge as quickly as they can before moving on to their next mission. The winner is the team that finishes with the most points, which keeps everyone engaged right up until the exciting end.

View Race Around the World Details



This program is similar to our “Race Around The World,” but teams solve clues to reach “countries” where everyone tries either a dessert item or a wine from that country. If your team has done the typical cocktail reception too many items, this may be the perfect mixer at the end of a long day of meetings. Build teamwork, develop relationships, and have a lot of fun all at the same time.

View A Tasting Race Details



Participants work together in small table-teams to solve this hilarious mystery. Along with various clues and live action scenes played out by their coworkers, participants also answer team and company trivia and demonstrate their creative skills as they perform a new company jingle.

View Team Murder Mystery Details



Multiple team challenges abound in this fast-moving event! Teams navigate their way through a series of table-top and light movement challenges that pull together the strengths of everyone on the team. Each tribe competes for their team honor, while trying to eliminate, or conspire with, their opponents. Afterwards, we talk about being committed to doing whatever it takes to help your team to endure the Corporate Jungle.

View Corporate Jungle Details


This lively team competition gets groups thinking and laughing together. Working in table-teams of 6-10 people, teams try to earn the highest score by correctly answering a wide range of trivia questions, competing in special challenges, and solving brainteasers. We make the program challenging, but keep it light enough that everyone can relax, get involved, and have a good time.

Team Game Show Details



A fun program that gives teams a chance to show their creativity and give back to the community. Teams of 8-10 people are given a wide assortment of materials and non-perishable food items which they use to design and build their own miniature golf hole. Teams then take turns playing the other teams’ holes and rate them to earn food items which will be donated to a local food pantry. Can be done indoors or outside.

Mini Golf Food Drive Details



Teams put on their thinking caps and their walking shoes in order to outsmart their competition in these fun and fast-paced programs. Your team will solve puzzles, take pictures of themselves doing outrageous things, decipher codes, find secret locations and face off against other teams in mini challenges, while they work cohesively as a team in a high-energy, fun way.

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Teamwork Hunt only Details



The Tiki Games are a collection of wild and action-filled events that will have your group laughing and strategizing together in a series of hilarious competitive events. Each Tribe competes for their team honor, while trying to eliminate, or conspire with, their opponents! The winning tribe is gauged by overall success, not elimination, which keeps everyone involved right up to the ending ceremony. Afterwards, the group talks about being an indispensible team player and being committed to doing what ever it takes to help your team to triumph.

Tiki Games Details



This is a boisterous and outrageous team event that will have your group laughing and working together in a series of very unique competitive events. Each Viking Clan competes for their honor, and the glory of victory! The wide variety of activities will give each person on your team a chance to shine. Afterwards, the group talks about being a true team warrior and going the distance for your team.

Viking Olympics Event Details

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