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"From all of us at Georgia Pacific we would like to say THANK YOU!!! You did a wonderful job of helping us break down barriers, work together and have FUN! Thank you very much for putting this together and pulling it off flawlessly."

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Solo (Short) Team Building Activities for Corporate Events

These quick and to-the-point individual activities make ideal icebreakers, break-out sessions, energizers, or to drive home a specific point. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time for a full team building session, which is why we offer individual, or solo, team building activities. If you have 30 to 90 minutes to fill, and want to make a strong point, or just let your group unwind during a big meeting, we can deliver a tailored activity that will get everyone involved, thinking and having fun. Because the rates for these activities vary widely by time and the specific activity chose, please contact us through this link or call us at 404-848-1001 for more details and rates for any of these programs, or for a quote on a custom activity.

If you have 60 minutes to 2 hours for a program, see our "One Hit Wonder" facilitated corporate team building activities here. PDF Available!

tower activityShort facilitated corporate team building activities

  • Towering Success 30 min.
    Small teams are given a set of building materials and instructed to complete the tallest tower possible. Will the teams compete with, or cooperate with, each other to be successful?

  • Bridging the Gap 45 min.
    Teams work in two groups to connect a bridge, but they are on opposite sides of a screen. They must communicate in order to get their bridges to meet perfectly in the middle.

  • Hitting the Numbers 45 min.
    Teams must successfully transport “customers” using only the resources given. Some “customers” have more value, and different consequences for failure. Great for conversations around risk & reward, planning vs. execution, and collaboration vs. competition.

  • short conference activityAll Together 30 min.
    Half the team become “managers” who are responsible for relating critical information and instructions to the front line workers. The frontline workers, however, are blindfolded, and can not see the “big picture” and must rely on the guidance of their managers.

  • Apollo 13 60 min.
    Small teams are given a limited set of materials and time to build a device that can connect two differently shaped “air filters” aboard the infamous spaceship. Teams will need to perform under a very tight timeline to create an answer to the dilemma.

  • M*A*S*H 45 min.
    The MASH unit is swamped. Only 6 of the 18 critically injured survivors can be saved. Individuals, and then teams, decide who will be treated first. A test of values, empathetic teamwork and resolution skills in an emotional environment that challenges assumptions and prejudices.

  • team building carsDriven to Succeed 60-90 min.
    Teams are provided with materials for constructing a small car, but they have a strict budget and timeline to stay within, plus other criteria to meet, in order to satisfy customer demands. The focus is on team brainstorming, and cross-department collaboration.

  • Evolution Island 60-90 min.
    Four teams of differing dinosaur types must adapt and evolve to meet, or preempt, environmental changes. The species that adapt least well are declared extinct. This exciting change management game challenges teams to evolve their dinosaur species to best meet the environmental shifts—changes that mirror the shifts they must face in business.

  • Play the Game 60-90 min.
    Teams take on the role of board game designers and must design, construct and promote an actual, playable board game. Great for reinforcing content from other meetings occurring during your event.

  • conference activityCustomer Capture 60 min.
    Each team is given a grab bag full of everyday office items. They must construct a device capable of catching a raw egg dropped from a height of 8 feet. Each item is assigned a cost, and teams are given a budget and deadline that they must stay under.

  • Catapult to Success 45 min.
    Teams are given materials for constructing a working catapult. They will need to strategize which design will best accomplish their goal of reaching their quota. Works best in large rooms!

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