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"From all of us at Georgia Pacific we would like to say THANK YOU!!! You did a wonderful job of helping us break down barriers, work together and have FUN! Thank you very much for putting this together and pulling it off flawlessly."

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Corporate Team Building Workshops in Atlanta and Georgia

Atlanta Challenge offers several team building workshops in half-day, full-day and two-day formats. These events provide compelling content and interactive hands-on activities to help participants integrate the skills and information learned.
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Half-Day Workshops

Think Like a Team

Through a combination of cutting-edge tools, interactive learning and hands-on challenges, your team will gain valuable insights into their thinking and decision-making styles, and how to appreciate and utilize other people’s styles. This will help them improve their ability to communicate, brainstorm and solve problems together. The “teamwork challenges” are tailored to meet the needs and dynamics of your group.
PDF Available! Think Like a Team details and agenda PDF

Board breaking goal setting workshop Breakthrough Board Breaking Team Building Workshop

Help your participants become unstoppable! This program teaches simple and effective strategies to help maintain commitment and develop compelling goals to stay focused on. Each participant will take part in an exciting experience that will serve as a physical metaphor for breaking through their fears and limiting beliefs that hold them back from world-class performance.
PDF Available! Breakthrough event details and agenda PDF

super hero themed team building programSave the Day! 

Teams create super heroes based on character strengths each team member actually possesses. Each team then produces a short stage scene about their heroes in action. The story can be about helping customers, solving workplace issues or any other topic you want the team to be proactive about. We provide all the materials, your team provides the creativity and passion for saving the day.
PDF Available! Save the Day event details and agenda PDF

Teams create better solutionsiTeam Workshop  Innovation Through Teamwork

Utilizing the wisdom of great historical thinkers & inventors such as Leonardo DaVinci, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison, and modern innovators such as Steve Jobs, teams bring together the practical skills of problem solving with creative, out-of-the-box thinking in this fun, hands-on event. Teams learn about brain storming and creative thinking skills, and then are tasked with projects that must combine practical and creative criteria, requiring the team to draw from the strengths of everyone in the group.
PDF Available! iTeam: Innovation Through Teamwork program details and agenda PDF

Full Day Workshop

Full day detailed team workshop Team Tune-Up

Sometimes teams need to get away from the office for a while and take a good look at what they're doing and where they're going. Atlanta Challenge will guide your team through a proven framework of conversations and activities to improve performance and morale. The content is a combination of 2 or 3 of the modules listed above, which is determined based on what your team needs to focus on now.
PDF Available! Team Tune-Up details and agenda PDF

Two-Day Workshop

In-depth teamwork development program Team Foundations

This event is for teams that want to revolutionize how they work together, whether it is because of a current challenge or because they want to rise to new heights. Before the event, each team member completes a survey about the team, and the team leader shares their insights and goals for the team.

During the program, the team will develop a clear mission and vision, set goals, define the roles and accountability on the team, improve communication, discuss conflict resolution, and more. This workshop may be done in two full days, or as four half-day sessions done monthly or quarterly.

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