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Student Team Building Events for Middle School, High School, and College

Students don’t learn and work together well when they are unfamiliar with the people they are with, or are frequently fighting. Atlanta Challenge can help your students build camaraderie, understand each others’ differences, enhance communication and problem solving skills, and generally learn to work together better.

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Below is a brief description of each team building event we provide for school and college groups, with a link to full descriptions and pricing. Most of the events offered by Atlanta Challenge are appropriate for middle school, high school, and college age students. Some programs can have younger participants. Not sure what program to choose? Call us at 404-848-1001 or fill out this form.

  • Expedition - Student

    A teamwork adventure that draws on the strengths of each team member. This adventure illustrates the importance of good planning, communication, and utilization of resources in order to achieve team success. Your team heads into the jungle on an important Read More
  • Great GPS Chase - Student

    An on-campus adventure that requires teamwork to achieve a goal. There’s no stopping to ask for directions in this program! The team is taught how to use a map, GPS, compass and other tools (known as orienteering) in order to Read More
  • Juggernaut - Student

    The high adventure portable low ropes course for making your team unstoppable. A Juggernaut is an unstoppable force, and this event is designed to help your team become just that: unstoppable! The focus is on the team supporting each other Read More
  • Operation Bicycle - Student

    Build bikes for military families while your team builds their commitment to excellence. This is a team building event and service project combined into one exciting pro- gram. Teams of 8-10 participants overcome a series of challenges in order to Read More
  • Race For Excellence - Student

    A fast-paced program that promotes strategic thinking and problem solving. Teams of 8-12 people attempt to accumulate as many points as they can in this fast-paced team strategy event. Several challenges with varying point values are arranged throughout the site Read More
  • Save The Day - Student

    A fun and creative way for team members to discover and utilize their individual strengths. Team members create super heroes based on character strengths each individual actually possesses. Teams then produce a short stage scene about their heroes in action. Read More
  • Teamwork Hunt - Student

    Teams walk, solve clues, overcome challenges, have fun, and get to know each other better. Teams put on their thinking caps and their walking shoes in order to outsmart their competition in this fun and fast - paced program. Your team Read More
  • Teamwork Quest - Student

    A series of mentally challenging, hands-on activities to test and improve your team’s character. The perfect program for teams that want the challenge of a ropes course, but without the physical demand. We present the Teamwork Compass™ which is a Read More
  • The Right Stuff - Student

    Discover what it takes to be a great team player, and combine those strengths to be a great team. Being a team player is an important life skill! This program helps students clearly identify what specific strengths they bring to Read More
  • Tiki Games - Student

    Build your team’s enthusiasm and competitive spirit as they endeavor to survive as a team. The Survivor Games are a collection of wild and action-filled events that will have your group laughing and strategizing together in a series of very Read More
  • Viking Olympics - Student

    Build your team’s energy and excitement as they become true teamwork warriors. The Viking Olympics is a boisterous and outrageous team event that will have your group laughing and working together in a series of very unique competitive events. Games Read More
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