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Team Building Events for Middle School, High School, and College Students

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Below is a brief description of each team building event we provide for school an college groups. Most of the events offered by Atlanta Challenge are appropriate for middle school, high school, and college age students. Some programs can have younger participants. For additional details and pricing, please download our student team building catalogs here or use the images above.

Outdoor Student Team Building Programs

Big Projects, Big Lessons


Your team heads into the jungle on an important rescue mission. Team members use a map, compass and GPS to find several sites that contain valuable items that need to be retrieved. When they arrive at each location, they will find unique challenges they must solve, using only the resources that they have decided to bring with them. This is a high-thinking, physical program that encourages team members to fully utilize each other’s talents.



This is a team building event and service project combined into one exciting program. Teams of 8-10 participants overcome a series of challenges in order to retrieve the parts for a child’s bicycle which they assemble and then donate to a local charity. There are also bonus challenges where teams can earn accessories for their bikes. The challenges are a combination of proven, high-energy, problem-solving initiatives and mental challenges that will help your team identify the behaviors of optimum teamwork.



Teams create the fastest, most original go-kart they can out of a selection of materials that offer a wide range of possibilities. Their problem solving and creativity skills are proven as participants actually race their vehicles, powered by fellow students, through a unique course.



A Juggernaut is an unstoppable force, and this event is designed to help your team become just that: unstoppable! The focus is on the team supporting each other and making group decisions as they tackle a series of tough challenges. Mutual support, sharing control, and coaching for shared success are necessary to accomplish the tasks. This is the perfect program for teams that want the challenge of a ropes course, but with more focus on teamwork.

Field Game/Olympic Style Programs


This is a boisterous and outrageous team event that will have your group laughing and working together in a series of very unique competitive events. Each Viking Clan competes for their honor, and the glory of victory! The wide variety of activities will give each person on your team a chance to shine. Afterwards, the group talks about being a true team warrior and going the distance for your team.



The Tiki Games are a collection of wild and action-filled events that will have your group laughing and strategizing together in a series of hilarious competitive events. Each Tribe competes for their team honor, while trying to eliminate, or conspire with, their opponents! The winning tribe is gauged by overall success, not elimination, which keeps everyone involved right up to the ending ceremony. Afterwards, the group talks about being an indispensible team player and being committed to doing what ever it takes to help your team to triumph.



This is a fast paced team strategy competition. Several challenges with varying point values are arranged throughout the site for teams to overcome at their own pace. The teams then race to accumulate as many points as they can before time runs out. 20-30 challenges are available for teams to attempt, with most teams getting through 8-12 of them. To be successful, they will need to draw on all the various strengths within their team.

Scavenger Hunts


Teams put on their thinking caps and their walking shoes in order to outsmart their competition in these fun and fast-paced programs. Your team will solve puzzles, take pictures of themselves doing outrageous things, decipher codes, find secret locations and face off against other teams in mini challenges, while they work cohesively as a team in a high-energy, fun way.



There’s no stopping to ask for directions in this program! The team is taught how to use a GPS, map, compass and other tools (known as orienteering) in order to find as many hidden sites as they can. Along the way, they have fun brainteasers, trivia and photo challenges to tackle, and some hands-on challenges to complete at a few of the destinations. Each team sets their own pace, so this event is great for groups with a variety of ages or physical abilities. Planning, integrating various skill sets, and effective use of time are the determining factors of success.



Teams become photographers and reporters in order to create their own local interest magazine. They will search the streets for material to fit different stories and other fun and challenging projects. Teams assemble their magazines, then rate each other’s projects. This is a great project for teams that want to stretch their creative muscles and build their ability to collaborate and communicate. We can go to a neighborhood in your area, or utilize your campus.



Teams take on the role of developers competing for a contract to build a new exhibit at the zoo. Each team must research existing attractions, interview the public, and study traffic patterns in order to give a presentation to the “philanthropic organization” funding the new project. The event focuses on understanding customer needs, identifying opportunities, and delivering compelling presentations. Zoo admission not included, meeting rooms may have an additional cost.

Indoor Student Team Building Programs


This is the perfect program for teams that want the challenge of a ropes course, but without the physical demand. We present the Teamwork Compass™ which is a powerful tool that helps groups understand the four foundational elements of a successful team. They then work through a series of hands-on challenges that help them see how much more effectively they can operate when using these key attributes. Teams will better communicate, solve problems and support each other as they strive to improve their performance.



Teams create super heroes based on character strengths each team member actually possesses. Each team then produces a short stage scene about their heroes in action. The story can be about peer pressure, bullying, academic excellence or any other topic you want the team to be proactive about. We provide all the materials, your team provides the creativity and passion for saving the day.



Being a team player is an important life skill! This program helps students clearly identify what specific strengths they bring to a team and how to work with others to accomplish more than they could on their own. The program is a combination of interactive learning and hands-on activities that allow participants to explore their team style, and see the consequences of going solo versus working with the team.

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