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Download Student Team Building Catalog With Pricing

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These PDFs contain detailed, 2-page descriptions, agendas and pricing for Atlanta Challenge's student team building events. These programs are suitable for all types of students, ages middle school through college. We adjust the program content to be appropriate for your group.

    This program guide includes:

  • Team building treasure hunts,
  • Exciting field games,
  • GPS programs, both on your campus and off-campus,
  • Service project events,
  • Low ropes-style challenge programs,
  • Hands-on workshops for appreciating diversity,
  • And more.

Click the button below to download our student team building catalog, no strings attached. Fill out the form to the right only if you want additional help choosing the best program options for your group. Don't worry, we will keep your information private, and will not send out tons of emails. We just need to know more about your group so we can make sure we offer programs that are the best fit. You can view our full privacy policy here.

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If you would like help narrowing down the possibilities, or have a special situation not covered in our standard student team building program catalog, fill out the form below with more details about your group. Based on your responses, we will email a customized packet with a few programs that are recommended to fit your needs.

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