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The Teamwork CompassTM

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While it’s important for your group to have a lot of fun during their event, it’s even more important that they take away practical lessons. In order to give participants enduring tools that they can use after the event, we draw on the metaphor of a compass, with each direction representing one of the four areas of team success: Effectiveness, In-novation, Accountability and Trust. These four traits are based on the Whole Brain, four-quadrant thinking styles system, which leads to better understanding and implementation of the lessons from your team building experience by engaging the entire brain and drawing from everyone’s unique strengths.



North represents direction, effectiveness, staying on task, and evaluating your progress. How effec-tive was your team at reaching its objective? How honestly and accurately do you measure your re-sults?

East represents the sunrise, new beginnings and innovation. How does your team explore new possibilities and approaches? How open are you to different ideas and taking risks?

South represents warmth, relationships, and trust. How does your team support each other and cre-ate an environment where everyone can be at their best? Do you have a code of conduct that respects all team members?


West represents the sunset, completion and ac-countability. How does your team assign various functions? How do you hold each other and your team accountable?

The Needle represents focus. What is your team paying attention to? Are you more focused on problems or solutions? Obstacles or opportunities? Conflict or connection? And most importantly: where do we go from here?

Our experienced facilitators will help your group observe and reflect on how they responded to the activities, and each other, in order to draw out les-sons that they can apply in the future. By bringing the ideas out from the group, there is more ownership of the experience, and greater implementation of those ideas.

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