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Most professionals have been put through an enormous amount of training and development. Yet research shows that over 90% of the content is forgotten within 30 days. Over the last 20 years, we have developed powerful content AND implementation practices to ensure that your group doesn’t just learn new ideas—they implement them consistently.


Ways we can help your team excel


Our fun team building
events develop team bonding
and camaraderie.


A customized, in-depth process
for launching your team to a
new level.


Ongoing group support to help your people implement change for ongoing improvement.


Intelligent content plus engaging
delivery that gets consistent


How we support the development of your leaders


Hands-on challenges that drive a deep
understanding of core leadership


A customized in-depth process for
taking your leadership team to a new
level in a short time.


Long-term support for leaders that want
to change the world by elevating their
performance, fulfillment, and impact.


Leaders get better by adding
a few good ideas, and a
lot of awareness.

Skill Set

"Knowing what to do."

Mind Set

"Doing what you know."

Training that Creates Lasting Change

Why Work With Atlanta Challenge?

WholeBrain Design & Delivery To Ensure Utilization

The success of any initiative depends on the ability of the team to drive communication, innovation, metrics, and productivity across functions. The Whole-Brain® Model is a time-tested framework to decode and harness the cognitive diversity of individuals, teams, and organizations. We utilize these aptitudes in all of our training to ensure maximum impact and applicability.

Results • Skills • Analytics

Vision • Strategies • Concepts

Systems • Tools • Practice

Culture • Support • Discussions