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If you have a packed meeting or conference agenda but still want to get everyone’s energy up, make a strong point, or just let your group unwind, our facilitated icebreakers, energizers, and short team building activities are perfect.

Quick and to-the-point individual activities for break-out sessions, energizers and more.

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time for a full team building session. If you have 30 to 90 minutes to fill and want to make a strong point or just let your group unwind during a big meeting, we can deliver a tailored activity that will get everyone involved, thinking, and having fun.

Each energizer, icebreaker, or short team building activity follows this general agenda:

Warm-Ups (5-10 minutes) Atlanta Challenge staff lead a fun warm-up activity that gets the group moving and ready to fully participate.

Team-Up (2-5 minutes) If the group is not already split into teams, we lead a fun game to randomly sort participants into teams. This is also a good idea if the group has been sitting at the same tables for an extended time.

Team Challenge (20-45 minutes) Teams are given instructions and materials for the activity. During the activity, Atlanta Challenge staff are available for questions and will take pictures. Select from several activity options.

Talking Points (5-15 minutes) The team is provided with a simple model for utilizing the skill set behind the main theme of the activity you select.

Team Review (5-10 minutes) The team shares their observations about how they performed, and how to apply those lessons to specific situations faced on the job.

Energizer & Icebreaker Activity Options


Utilizing the entire team to win
Participants discover the power of team problem solving as they attempt to solve a tough dilemma, but they can only be successful by everyone working together.


Seeing strengths in others
Each person is given a new identity, and must then network with other participants to create the best team they can without making assumptions about others’ value.


Focusing on the big picture
Small teams learn the importance of working with other groups rather than going it alone. After all, we’re all in the same boat, and this activity shows how to use that.


Adapting to change quickly
To be successful we must adapt, and in this game teams must decide what features their team will change in order to survive in the future.


Seeing the big picture
Teams try to deliver an assortment of products to various client locations. Each product and location has different rewards and different risks.


Thinking out of the box
Teams take on the seemingly simple task of making an effective paper airplane, but the solution is tricky when faced with an unlikely selection of materials.


Power of clear communication
Teams are given several sets of puzzle pieces and matching outlines. Communication is key, as assemblers must rely on instructions from their team mates.


Breaking out of silos
Small teams transport several items to a new location, but their device must sync up with the other teams in order to be successful. A fun and energetic endeavor.


Group consensus building
Teams work to reach a consensus in a difficult scenario. Powerful lesson in group decision making and the dangers of assumptions based on incomplete information.


Strategic decision making
A small team challenge that tests a group’s ability to quickly make and implement decisions. A great lesson in focusing on key elements of a project.


Utilizing everyone’s strengths
Graphic illustration of the effects of individual agendas overriding team purpose and the critical difference that common vision, values and goals makes on performance.


Adapting to new realities
In the changing environment they face, teams brainstorm a new business model that will allow them to not just survive, but thrive in this new world.


Negotiation and agreement
Participants negotiate a legal contract in a game of winners and losers. A great negotiation skills role play that develops negotiation tools and techniques.


Handling change
Teams overcome a series of change requests from a demanding client as they design and deliver the product they are looking for.


Using conflict, not hiding it
A simple but powerful tool for handling conflict, presenting concerns to others, and graciously receiving input from team mates in order to make progress.


Creativity for the uncreative.
A simple model for how to effectively brainstorm, followed by a team creativity session to solve a specific issue that the group needs to solve.


Giving and receiving feedback
Participants role play giving and receiving feedback, and are provided with an alternative approach to improve resolution in feedback situations. An effective means of getting the feedback outcome desired – communicating without losing rapport or creating tension and conflict.


Utilizing everyone’s strengths
Participants discuss the greatest team they have ever experienced and reflect on what made them so effective. Draws the attributes of great teams from participants to provide an anchor and ownership of the qualities they will need themselves to perform as an effective team.


Power of clear communication
Participants practice an approach for sharing their ideas while also actively listening to another’s ideas. The goal is to create agreements based on understanding, and head off disputes before they even begin.


Building and restoring trust
A short and energetic fun game that demonstrates the effect of different trust levels on team performance. Team discussion about what builds and what erodes trust on the team. (Don’t worry, it’s not a trust fall!)


Interactive keynote speech.
Atlanta Challenge’s president delivers a powerful message based on the Teamwork Compass®, a powerful tool for helping leaders and teams be the best they can be.


Turning intentions into reality
What are participants going to do differently on their re- turn to the office? What is the one thing they can do that will have a positive impact, no matter how small?

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