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About Atlanta Challenge Team Building

Why make Atlanta Challenge your team building company?

Atlanta Challenge, LLC is a local, Georgia-based team building company. We help teams improve communication, teamwork skills, and morale in a fun and engaging way.

Atlanta Challenge, LLC was founded by our current President and Head Facilitator, Shawn Clark over 15 years ago. Shawn spent years in the business world before being involved in team building, which helps him understand the unique needs of business groups. Shawn also spent a few years as a trainer at a Tony Robbins franchise, and brings elements of personal development to team building. After all, a team is only as great as its members!

Why make Atlanta Challenge

Members of our staff have worked in the field of team building, experiential education and motivational coaching for over 20 years (individually, not combined). The prior experiences of Atlanta Challenge’s team building facilitators range from college degrees in Experiential Education, to working for a variety of challenge course programs, to working for motivational coaching programs. Atlanta Challenge facilitators do more than just lead activities, they help your team get the most from their experience to help them work together more effectively, and deliver those lessons in a fun and engaging way.

Shawn Clark, owner and founder of Atlanta Challenge, discusses how we design and deliver team building events that are fun, informative, well organized and impactful.

Team Building Events that Work

As a team building company, Atlanta Challenge focuses on the model of experiential learning, in which is proven to help adults learn faster and on a deeper level. This “learning through play” keeps all learning styles engaged, and lets participants internalize lessons quickly through discovery and immediate implementation of ideas.

Team Building EventsIf your group is used to “team building” that involves everyone going off in their own direction, or many people watching a few have fun, then you will love Atlanta Challenge events. Shawn designs all of our programs to keep all participants engaged for the entire program as much as possible, to encourage sub-teams to interact with one another during events instead of just competing on their own, and making it easy to maintain participant buy-in by having activities that are fun and not cheesy.

Would you like to hear what our other clients are saying? Visit our page with some feedback from Atlanta Challenge Team Building clients.

5 Reasons to Choose Atlanta Challenge as Your Team Building Company

1. Atlanta Challenge has great pricing

No travel costs within metro Atlanta Many companies that you find on the internet fly in from out of state and therefore have high travel expenses rolled into their rates.

No sales people You talk directly with our trainers, not sales people, so you only pay for the team building, not commissions (and we won’t pester you endlessly!).

Per-person pricing With Atlanta Challenge, you only pay for the people you bring, not a flat rate that is padded for a lot more people than you may have.

2. Atlanta Challenge provides fun team building events with powerful lessons

Our team building experiences are designed to be metaphors for day-to-day situations. Learning from these metaphors can help guide your people in future interactions. We provide:

  • Team building that is fun, engaging, and provides memorable lessons.
  • Team building that promotes co-operation, teamwork, and success.
  • Team building that builds relationships and fosters friendships.
  • Team building that is NOT cheesy.
3. Atlanta Challenge has something for everyone

We focus on getting results, but we make sure that everyone is having a good time and can fully participate to ensure that they stay involved. Atlanta Challenge events are:

  • Open to any age, size, strength, experience or ability.
  • Group-action oriented. Everyone participates!
  • Designed to get the entire group working together to communicate, solve problems, strategize, collaborate, act as leaders, and get the job done.
4. Atlanta Challenge can bring the team building event to you

Atlanta Challenge is based here in Atlanta. For the convenience of our clients, most of our programs are portable, and we can bring your team building event to your office, hotel, a local park, or any other site. Click to see some of our Atlanta and Georgia team building locations.

5. Atlanta Challenge has customer-friendly policies

Being a local company means we can respond to changes quickly, even if the weather or other challenges disrupt your schedule. Some companies charge you 100% of their fee if you cancel 30 days in advance. At Atlanta Challenge you only pay 100% if the cancellation is within 72 hours of your event. Less than two weeks notice is only 50% non-refundable. If cancelled up to 2 weeks in advance, we only charge 50%, and half of that can be applied to a new date if you reschedule within 6 months. You can cancel up to 3 weeks before the program with no penalty at all!

Our inclement weather policies are also customer-friendly. We encourage groups scheduling an outdoor event to select an indoor back-up program. Our client chooses just a few days before the program if they want to run the outdoor event, or the indoor backup program, or reschedule to another date with a small reschedule fee.

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