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Leadership Strategy Call

Leadership Strategy Call

In this free 30-minute call, we will clarify where you are at, where you want to be, and what needs to happen to close the gap. We will also explore how to take your leadership skills and your personal brand to the next level. (30 minutes)

Team Strategy Call

Team Strategy Call

In this free 30-minute call, we will clarify where your team is at, where they want to be, and what needs to happen to close the gap. We will also explore how to help your team achieve consistently greater results. (30 minutes)

Stakeholder Interview Call

Stakeholder Interview Call

This brief interview will help us identify key growth opportunities for the person undertaking the Stakeholder- Centered Coaching process. Our conversation should take less than 15 minutes. All comments will be confidential and will be anonymous in the report presented to the participant.

Coach Check-In Call

Coach Check-In Call

If you are already in a coaching program, use this link to schedule time for your check-in call with your coach. Be sure to send any checklists or other projects that your coach will need to review at least 24 hours prior to the call. (15-30 minutes)

“Whatever you do in life, surround
yourself with smart people who’ll
argue with you.”

– Coach John Wooden, UCLA

Shawn Clark is the President of Atlanta Challenge, LLC, an Atlanta based training and coaching enterprise where he develops and facilitates cutting-edge workshops and effective coaching for teams and leaders. Shawn has been involved in team training and executive coaching for 25 years, and established Atlanta Challenge 16 years ago. He is a certified Robbins-Madanes Coach (Tony Robbins and Chloe Madanes), and a certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach.

Shawn developed the Teamwork Compass,® an amazing tool which helps teams and their leaders develop a powerful and effective culture of success. During his extensive career, Shawn has brought his unique combination of insight and interaction to thousands of companies such as Accenture, Coca-Cola, Home Depot, and Cox Media. He has also worked with many organizations including the US Army, the CDC, the American Cancer Society, and hundreds of other groups. He has worked with leaders and team members at all levels and from all industries including business, government, schools and colleges, not-for-profits and more.

“Shawn, I appreciate all you do! Your coaching and mentorship is getting us closer and closer to being the most powerful team, EVER!” – David, VP Cox

“Thanks so much for an incredible team building event – the group had a blast and Shawn did a great job facilitating the event! I look forward to hopefully working with your team again in the future.”
– Ernst & Young

“Good morning Shawn! I just wanted to let you know that you were great, and the team had a wonderful time yesterday. They really enjoyed themselves. This is something that we would do again and I will definitely recommend this outing for others. Thanks again for a great time!”
– Home Depot

“We would like to express our sincere appreciation and thanks for Atlanta Challenge coming out and executing the teambuilding activity for the Atlanta Housing Authority’s Customer Services Group. In a day filled with highlights, Atlanta Challenge is definitely a part of the highlighted experiences for our first annual CSG Retreat & Training event. CSG enjoyed the Collaboration Challenge and it really brought the competitive nature in the teams. Shawn and the team were excellent in getting our team members engaged in the activity. The more the team got involved in the activity the more the excitement built. We also walked away with a better sense of how to work more effectively as a team. We learned that in certain goals we can get more done together that working in separate silos. We look forward to working with Atlanta Challenge in the future.”
– Atlanta Housing

“I would just like to say that today’s experience with Shawn was wonderful! He arrived at the perfect time ( we were just wrapping up other exercises), he was energetic, prepared, very accommodating and helpful. We had a few snags with the facility we were in but he thought outside of the box and he was able to work around it. He is simply AMAZING! In addition, I’ve received positive feedback from my team so I’m sure I’m not alone in my gratitude!”
– Macro Helix

“Thanks so much, Shawn! People couldn’t stop saying great things about the event, and they’re already referring to the exercises (especially asking for help and the idea that we lose if we don’t all win). I think it was a perfect way for us to reorient ourselves.”
– Applerouth

“I cannot thank you enough for having Shawn with us today at the 2017 Design Summit. My entire team and the SVP of Sales loved the presentation and gained so much from the activities. Please extend a huge thank you to Shawn for us and I know that our SVP will be in touch for possible additional opportunities with his Sales team members.”
– Shepard

“Everyone loved Atlanta Challenge; Shawn did an excellent job and we thoroughly enjoyed all the team building events.”
– Kaiser Permanente

“Shawn did a great job facilitating the session for our team members. The documents will be very useful for our team members.”
– Atlanta Hawks

“Shawn was a great facilitator and he got people interest through his enthusiasm and great presentation of material.”
– Panduit