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Groups from 100 to 1,000+ people have loved our corporate conference games & activities, which range from empowering to entertaining.

Atlanta Challenge has over 15 years of experience bringing some of the best conference games to hotels and other venues in and around Atlanta. We have programs that are fun conference activities for adults, conference team building games that help reinforce specific ideas, and team development workshops to improve team performance. We can also build custom multi-day activities to help attendees retain content, and encourage networking.

You can find several conference games ideas right away – simply browse our most popular conference activities below, or contact us for 3-6 hand-selected ideas. Click on any title or summary for additional details.

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Great Corporate Conference Games & Activities

We deliver fully facilitated corporate conference activities so that you can focus on the rest of your event planning.

  • We help you find the right event, whether you need fun conference games or high-content workshops.
  • We have activities that will fit almost any space, schedule or budget.
  • Don’t fight traffic! We can bring great conference activities to your location in and around Atlanta.
What’s the Advantage of Hiring a Local Company for Your Conference Activities?

Local know-how. Atlanta Challenge runs hundreds of team building programs each year in the Atlanta area. We know the local hotels and conference venues inside and out. We know what programs will fit well in rooms at popular venues, and what attractions are in the nearby area. We can help you determine the time it will really take in Atlanta traffic to get from your hotel to another venue so that you can maximize the time spent in your conference team building.

Flexibility. Being a local Atlanta team building company means we can respond to changes quickly, even if the weather or other challenges disrupt your event schedule. One of the most consistent features of corporate events is that there will be changes! From first contact, we are flexible and adaptable to what you’re trying to accomplish. We can help you find the best conference activity ideas for adults for your meeting, or customize a program if that is what you need. As the day of your event nears, we can adapt as needed. We are generally able to be quite flexible with our cancellation, reschedule, and inclement weather policies compared to other event companies. We can even switch outdoor programs to an indoor option just 2 days before your program!

No out-of-state travel rolled into your cost. Our staff live and work in the Atlanta area. That means you don’t pay rates that are padded for airfare, overnight hotel stays, and shipping equipment across the country.

Why You Can Trust Us for Professional Atlanta Conference Games.

Professional delivery. We want you to feel confident that your conference team building activity will run smoothly and be well received. If you are organizing group activities for conferences yourself, we want you to be the hero at your company after the event! If you are an event planner, you want to know that we will represent you professionally in front of your client. Atlanta Challenge Team Building has been delivering great events in Atlanta for over 15 years. We’ve worked with thousands of Atlanta area and Fortune 500 companies locally, and we will work with you to make sure that all the details are handled quickly and accurately so you can focus on your other priorities. Relax, we got this!

Fun without being cheesy. A big concern of many of our clients is keeping participants engaged and having fun while avoiding the corny atmosphere of some conference games. We work hard at designing engaging programs that participants will be glad to be a part of. Ask about our networking activity ideas for conferences.

Ready for Your Atlanta Conference Activity Ideas?

We can help you select the best corporate conference ideas for your committee or client. Let us know your unique needs for your event, and we will put together 3-6 conference activity ideas with details and pricing. Call us at 404-848-1001 or fill in the form on this page and we’ll get to work for you right away!

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