Welcome & Warm-Ups (5-10 minutes) Atlanta Challenge staff welcome the participants and introduce the event. We then lead some fun activities to get everyone moving.

Team Up (5-10 minutes) Utilizing a few fun and interactive “games,” we randomly create small teams. Each team creates a name and cheer for their group.

The Race (1-2 hours) Teams solve clues that lead them to a series of “destinations,” where they will taste a sample of each country’s wine, beer, cheese or other treat. The selections can be all one category, or a mixture. To ensure that everyone stays active the entire time, the event is scored based on how many total points a team achieves before time runs out, rather than who finishes first.

Destination Clues: Teams solve clues to determine their destination, then they take their “ticket” to the appropriate destination station.

Destination Challenges: When teams “arrive” at their destination, they will complete a fun challenge. These include brainteasers, trivia, video productions, and other challenges based on the food for that country.

Food Samples: Teams will stop at the appropriate food sampling station for the country they are “in.”

Travel Challenges: As teams are “traveling”, or while waiting to be served, they can work on these bonus projects. This helps to keep everyone engaged, and also serves as a tie breaker.

  • Team Bingo: Instead of only talking to the people on their team, players will need to seek out people on other teams in this fun get-to-know-you game.
  • World Trivia: Teams demonstrate their worldly knowledge in this travel-based trivia challenge.
  • Photo Shoot: These are fun pictures that teams take of themselves, and sometimes with other teams, to help stretch their creativity and build camaraderie.

Scoring (15 minutes) Teams finalize their score sheets and complete their team debrief questions page. All team scores are announced from lowest to highest. Winning team members receive a “trophy” to celebrate their success.

Wrap-Up (5-10 minutes) At the end of the program, the teams come together to share their experiences and the lessons they have learned.