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Creative competition based on popular TV shows to
bring out the innovative spirit within your team.


See how your team can create and work together under pressure in your own television-based competition! Teams of 7-8 people create either a fashion line or a new business, depending on the version you select. Using a variety of materials, each team will design, produce, and then present their offering to the “judges.”

Agenda & Activities

Warm-Ups (5 minutes) Atlanta Challenge staff lead some fun warm-up activities that get the group moving and ready to fully participate.

Intro Team Challenge (10-20 minutes) This is a quick hands-on activity with the entire group to get the juices flowing, and get everyone focused on the big picture of developing the team.

The Teamwork Compass® (15-20 minutes) We lead a short interactive conversation about the key ingredients of teamwork and the individual strengths of each team member. We then use this metaphor throughout the program to help the team become familiar with this powerful tool for creating a culture of success.

Team-Up (2 minutes) If the group is not already split into teams, we conduct a fun, light-activity game to randomly sort participants into teams.

TV Challenge (30-60 minutes) The show begins! Teams work to create an impressive product using an assortment of materials.

The Show (15-30 minutes) Each team presents their project to the panel of judges (audience). Points are award- ed based on specific criteria for the challenge, including creativity, viability, project objectives, etc.

Team Review (5-10 minutes) Teams share their observations about how they performed, and how to apply those lessons to specific situations faced on the job.


Each team develops their own line of fashion items from an assortment of unlikely materials. The items must match each other, but also be unique. Team members will model their items (over existing clothing) for the rest of the group.


Each team develops and presents a business idea that they want the Sharks to invest in. At the core of their business is an unlikely category that they must develop into a believable business plan, complete with a prototype of their invention and a demonstration.

  • Appreciate and effectively utilize diverse skills sets.
  • Have fun together, building morale and camaraderie.
  • Learn how to work as a team in a competitive atmosphere.

Length: 2 hours +/-

Activity: Light

Location: Indoors

Group Size: 20-200 people

Includes: Complete facilitation, participant handouts, project supplies and event photos.

“My team had an OUTSTANDING time at the Atlanta Challenge team building event. We will definitely use your services again.”