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Explore the wonders of the Atlanta Botanical Garden in this exciting high-tech scavenger hunt.


Teams get an up close experience with all of the amazing displays and gardens while also having a fun competition against the other teams. They’ll race at their own speed as they saunter through the garden answering trivia, taking pictures, recording videos and completing nature- themed challenges.

  • Have a great time exploring the gardens!
  • Get to know team mates better.
  • Just plain have fun!

Welcome & Warm-Ups (5-10 minutes) Our staff welcome the participants to the Botanical Garden and get everyone ready for a great team scavenger hunt. We then lead some fun warm-up activities and create small teams.

Team Up! (5-10 minutes) Teams take a few moments to create a natural name and slogan for their team, and build some team spirit and unity.

Event intro (5 minutes) Our fun and energetic staff give the group a quick tutorial on the app and other event components to ensure a smooth start.

The Gardens Scavenger Hunt (1-2 hours) Teams use the map and other features at in the gardens to unlock a wide assortment of challenges. Activities include:

  • Photo Shoot: Teams seek out the perfect place to take these team pics, posing with various exhibits and creating nature-inspired scenes.
  • Natural Trivia: Release your inner biologist as you find answers to a wide variety of nature based trivia.
  • Facilitator Challenges: Find an Atlanta Challenge facilitator to earn bonus missions and big points.
  • Brainteasers: Teams test their mental acuity with this assortment of plant & nature puzzlers as they travel.
  • Tribe Trivia: Teams seek out interesting information about their team mates, other teams, and anyone else they can find that fits the description they’re seeking.
  • Nature News: Using their app and tablet, teams film amusing video shorts about a range of fun outdoor and flora-themed topics.

Scoring (5 minutes) Teams turn in their materials, then the final scores are dramatically revealed.

Wrap-Up (5 minutes) We end with a few final thoughts and an awesome group picture.

After Party Slideshow If you want to have a more celebrational wrap up to your outdoor scavenger hunt, or just run pictures during dinner, we can provide a website link so you can immediately view photos and videos from your event.

"Thank you again for putting on a terrific event for our wrestlers this weekend! You guys are quintessential professionals, and I could not be more pleased with the way things went.”

St. Pius X

Program Content
Team Skills
Team Fun
Team Work
Team Bond

Length: 2 - 3 hours

Activity: Moderate

Location: Zoo Atlanta

Group Size: 10 - 500 people

Team Size: 4 - 6 people each

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