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An in-depth challenge that utilizes a complex
business scenario to develop high level leadership.


Have you ever wished there was a “flight simulator” for your corporate pilots? Teams take on the role of a team of executives that must guide their business through difficult times. They will need to gather and share information, build consensus on what actions to take, and then apply those decisions effectively. This is an involved team activity utilizing a complex business scenario to get teams to really think about communication, collaboration, and best practices.

Agenda & Activities

Warm-Ups (5 minutes) Atlanta Challenge staff lead some fun warm-up activities that get the group moving and ready to fully participate.

Starter Team Challenge (10-20 minutes) This is a quick hands-on activity with the entire group to get the juices flowing, and get everyone focused on the big picture of developing the team.

The Teamwork Compass® (15-20 minutes) We lead a short, interactive conversation about the key ingredients of teamwork, and the individual strengths of each team member. We then use this metaphor throughout the program to help the group become familiar with this powerful tool, for creating a culture of success.

Team-Up (2 minutes) If the group is not already split into teams, we conduct a fun, light-activity game to randomly sort participants into teams.

Business Challenge (60-120 minutes) Each team works to solve the business scenario presented. They are provided with rules, program materials and other resources to help them out.

Project Review (15-30 minutes) Each team presents their results, what their strategy was, and how their team outcome translates into practical applications on the job.

Team Review (5-10 minutes) The group shares their observations about how they performed, and how to apply those lessons to specific situations faced on the job.


A fictional computer manufacturing business experiences a true-to-life crisis that tests everyone’s problem solving and communication skills in a demanding environment. Teams play the part of supervisors that must plan computer production while handling a barrage of problems in the absence of the senior management.


This fun and action-packed event demonstrates the benefits of balance. Each team represents a different country and each pair of participants are the agents within a company in that country. It’s a race against time to save the world in this active game, with an open -cry carbon credit market. This program demonstrates the critical business balance necessary between ecology, competition, and profit.

  • Develop professional networks.
  • Utilize a team for complex problem solving.
  • Learn how to work as a team under pressure.

Length: 2 hours +/-

Activity: Light

Location: Indoors

Group Size: 20-200 people

Includes: Complete facilitation, participant handouts, project supplies and event photos.

“We found the activity to be very value added – we appreciated your facilitation.”

Delta Airlines