Charity Networking

Teams network while they overcome tough problems to help the less fortunate overcome tough situations.


In this corporate networking activity, your people will work through a series of challenges to earn donation items. Each table fills a gift bag or back pack to support people going through a tough transition, whether that is a woman escaping a violent home, a family that’s lost everything, or a veteran returning home. Between each challenge, the group is completely reformed into new teams, giving participants a chance to work with a wide variety of people, and reinforcing the teamwork and soft skills needed to hit the ground running with a new work group.


Goals / Skills / Analytical

  • Support people in a tough transition.

Vision / Strategies / Conceptual

  • Implement key teamwork skills more effectively.

Systems / Tools / Organizational

  • Meet many other participants.

Culture / Support / Relational

  • Reinforce the importance of staying focused on the primary goal.

Agenda & Activities

Welcome & Warm-Ups (5-10 minutes) Atlanta Challenge staff welcome the participants and lead some fun warm-up activities to get the group fully engaged and ready for a fun networking event.

Event Intro (5 minutes) Our staff explain the rules for the corporate networking activity and the charity team building component.

First Team Up (5 minutes) Participants take a moment to get to know their teammates better. Between each challenge, everyone moves to a new team, allowing for maxi- mum networking in the group. A shortened get-to-know- you segment precedes each activity.

Charity Challenges (60-120 minutes) Teams complete a series of challenges to earn the items for their gift bag. We provide a range of challenge styles so that everyone has an opportunity to shine. Final charity team building activities are based on group size, time allowed, venue, and donation item selected. Sample activities include:

  • Hitting The Numbers Teams must successfully transport “products” using only the resources given. Some “products” have more value than others, but greater consequences for failure.
  • Shape Up Teams are given sets of puzzle pieces and matching outlines. But the people assembling the puzzles must rely on instructions from their team mates.
  • Amazing Teamwork Teams navigate items through a maze using a device that must be steered by the entire team, while racing against the clock.
  • Copy Cat Teams need to assemble an exact copy of a model, but the people who can look at the model can’t touch the parts, relying on good communication to support their teammates.

Assemble & Inspire (10 minutes) The final teams in the series of networking activities organize their gift items, place them into the gift bag or back pack, and then work together to create a short and inspiring note card to send along with their package.

Group Debrief (10 minutes) All teams come together to share their experiences and lessons learned, and talk about how to incorporate those lessons on the job.

Charity Introduction (5 minutes) We share about the charity that will be receiving the items and why that charity was selected. For larger programs, a representative from the charity may be available to accept the donation.

Wrap-Up (5 minutes) We end your fun networking event with a few final words and a group picture with the completed donation items.

Donation options

  • Emergency back-packs for woman’s center.
  • Life essentials backpacks for homeless shelter.
  • Gift baskets for dislocated families.
  • Supply boxes for deployed or returning troops.
  • Others upon request



3 hours +/-





Group Size

35-500 people


Complete facilitation, event materials, team bandanas, donation items & delivery, event photos.

“Thanks, it was a great event. The different challenges kept everyone participating and entertained! I'm so glad that I picked Atlanta Challenge!”


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