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Communication Improv


A fun and engaging way to help your team improve
communication skills, brainstorming, and active listening.


In this fun and high energy event, teams learn specific skills for team collaboration and brainstorming through a series of improvisation games. Teams practice a few improvisation techniques as taught by our staff which help improve brainstorming and collaboration. Small groups then practice their more effective communication skills by using them to come up with possible solutions to real problems facing them in the workplace.

  • Practice team collaboration and working with the unexpected.
  • Develop better communication skills via listening and responding.
  • Get to know team mates better.

Welcome & Warm-Ups (5-10 minutes) Atlanta Challenge staff greet the participants and briefly explain the flow of the communication training. We then lead some fun ice- breakers to get the group moving and ready to participate.

Intro Challenge (15-30 minutes) We jump right into the program with a thought provoking team activity that re- quires ideas and input from the entire group to solve. This gets the group engaged and thinking about what they want to get out of the program.

Thinking Types Module (30-45 minutes) Everyone is creative, just in different ways. This engaging activity helps participants identify what their creative qualities are, how they can be an helpful part of the team collaboration process, and how effective communication skills can bridge the differences between styles.

Intro to Improvisation (30 minutes) In this short segment, participants learn some of the basic foundations of improvisation. By understanding these few simple steps, they are better able to be effective at brainstorming and team collaboration in the workplace.

Improv Games (30-60 minutes) Teams participate in a series of fun but insightful games that build on the improv skills they learned to help develop listening, collaboration, and brainstorming. Here are some samples:

  • Paying attention to others This game teaches participants to pay close attention to the people in the group and what they are doing to help them better interact with others while collaborating.
  • Build, Not Block This game illustrates the importance of accepting other people’s ideas and contributing to those ideas, instead of shutting others down and pushing a different agenda.
  • Flexibility Story In this fun activity, teams practice previous skills together: listening to what others have said, adding to the ideas, and helping the entire team be successful in creating something together.

Collaboration Module (20 minutes) Teams learn a simple but effective process for brainstorming and collaboration. This process, when combined with the improv techniques, allows a group to freely and effectively brainstorm ideas and solutions.

Brainstorm Project (20-30 minutes) Small teams come up with a list of specific issues in the workplace that are causing them stress, or a list of potential projects to implement. The team then brainstorms a variety of solutions to these challenges using the whole-brain collaboration tools and their improv techniques to ensure a wide variety of options to implement.

Team Review & Wrap-up Activity (5-10 minutes) The team shares their observations about how they performed, and how to apply their communication skills enhanced by these improv lessons to specific situations faced on the job. We end with a fun, but thought provoking activity and a great group picture.

Collaboration Improv- activities to build team collaboration communication skills in the workplace

“The feedback from the group has been good. They really enjoyed the time with your team”

Southern Company

Program Content
Team Skills
Team Fun
Team Work
Team Bond

Length: 3 hours +/-

Activity: Light

Location: Indoors

Group Size: 10-50 people

Includes: Complete facilitation, participant handouts, project supplies and event photos.

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