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A unique, interactive “4-in-1” conference solution
including data capture and customized company quizzes.


Our unique Conference Challenge provides a perfect solution to ensure you get the most out of your conference. This interactive corporate team building activity gets attendees using technology to encourage networking and developing relationships, learn about vendors or products, retain more session content, and get out of their chairs to have fun. We will design a custom challenge using our app enabling you to collect feedback and votes, present bespoke company questions, and challenge teams with tasks and photo and video challenges to be enjoyed at short intervals throughout your event.

Agenda & Activities
Conference Challenge images - conference attendees doing activity, tablet showing app activity, participants completing challenge at vendor booth

Pre-event Planning: Our expert team works with you to decide how best to get the desired ROI from your conference. We integrate your custom content & needs into the challenge using our “edutainment” format.

Welcome & Warm-Ups (5 minutes) Our staff welcome the participants and set expectations for the challenge. We then lead some fun warm-up activities that also randomly create small teams.

Conference Orientation (10 minutes) This includes an introduction to the conference itself (if desired), as well as instructions on how to use the app during the event.

Conference Challenge (3 hours—4 days) Individuals and/or teams earn points by completing tasks in the mo- bile app. This encourages participants to be fully engaged with sessions, vendors, and other attendees. Some of the challenges available are:

  • Conference Map: This interactive gateway to the challenges can show the layout of the venue, or be a themed game screen attendees tap to open challenges by topic. You can have multiple maps if it fits your needs.
  • Photo & Video Missions: These are fun shots that teams or individuals take of themselves, and sometimes other teams, encouraging fun and networking.
  • Vendor Challenges: If your conference includes exhibitors, participants can earn points by interacting with vendor booths.
  • Session Quizzes: Questions can be set to appear after specific conference sessions to help participants remember key points. A fun and interactive way to improve retention!
  • Bespoke Questions: What do you want your attendees to think about? Teams can respond to bespoke questions in text or with video presentations during the conference.
  • Virtual Reality: Participants can be instructed to scan certain signs, company products, or company materials to see images or videos appear with additional information. A great way to introduce new products or services!
  • Attendee Feedback: Learn what is successful and not at your conference while it is fresh in attendees’ minds by collecting feedback with polls and questions.

Scoring (ongoing) A real-time scoreboard can be available throughout the conference if desired, or turned off to keep everyone’s score a mystery until the end.

Wrap-Up (Optional, 15-30 minutes) At the end of the conference, we present a slideshow of the best photos and videos. At this time, we can also announce high-scoring teams, distribute prizes, and highlight key feedback or answers from the conference.

  • Fully engage conference attendees.
  • Ensure networking between participants.
  • Build awareness and recognition of key messages.

Length: 1-8 hours+ (multi-day avail)

Activity: Light

Location: Indoors at almost any venue

Group Size: 35-5,000 people

Includes: Complete facilitation, event materials, event pictures and videos.

“The team really enjoyed their experience and I’m sure we’d like to do it again at another time. Thanks for making photos available to us! They will be awesome additions to the photo album for this meeting!”