Critical Thinking for Teams

Teams learn how to think methodically and utilize critical thinking skills on their team.


Despite the importance of being able to think critically, it is often underdeveloped. This workshop presents specific critical thinking tools and how to apply them in the workplace. To master these skills, participants will tackle a series of tasks that require them to think critically. Each assignment ends with a discussion about the obstacles that caused difficulties and how critical thinking skills could transfer into the real world. All this is done in an engaging and supportive manner that will leave the participants walking away as more effective thinkers.


Results / Skills / Analytics

  • Define and appreciate the value of critical thinking.

Vision / Strategies / Concepts

  • Understand what factors support and hinder critical thinking.

Systems / Tools / Practice

  • Develop the skills of critical thinking and show how to apply them.

Culture / Support / Discussions

  • Develop a culture where teams value and support thinking critically.

Agenda & Activities

Thinking Assessment This quiz identifies participants’ current capacity for critical thinking.

Pre-event Consult (30 minutes) The team leader and facilitator review group information, align on outcomes for the event and discuss other details to ensure a successful program.

Welcome & Warm-Ups (10-15 minutes) An Atlanta Challenge facilitator welcomes the group, sets expectations for the day

Introductory Challenge (10-20 minutes) We begin our workshop by diving directly into an activity that highlights the importance of critical thinking. This will be the basis for the day, generating energy and conversation about what critical thinking really means.

Critical Thinking Framework (30 minutes) We define critical thinking, identify and address misconceptions, and present a critical thinking process.

Distortions Exercise (30-45 minutes) Participants identify how their thinking gets subverted during times of stress or topics that they have strong feelings about. They then explore strategies for shifting back to a more balanced mindset.

Critical Debate (30-45 minutes) Participants put their new tools and understanding of Critical Thinking to work as they debate a theoretical topic. They will practice making logical arguments and calling out intentional and accidental distortions while maintaining a professional demeanor.

Pressure Cooker (30-45 minutes) Small groups brainstorm an important workplace topic and provide each other with feedback. They walk away with greater clarity, an action plan, and valuable peer feedback.

Final Teamwork Challenge (20-30 minutes) This project continues to draw upon the team’s ability to bring together each person’s perspectives on critical thinking and combine them for success. The goal is to understand that critical thinking is limited if only the leader is engaged and needs to work through every person.

Wrap-up (5 minutes) The team shares observations and what they want to focus on going forward. All participants are given a Critical Thinking worksheet to remind them of their takeaways from this event and commit to holding each other and their teams accountable for more rational thinking.

Post-event Consult (30 minutes) The team leader and facilitator review how the group responded to the event and what the leader can do to support the team further.

Virtual Group Follow-up (45-60 minutes) A virtual follow-up session approximately one month after the event to review key concepts, answer questions, discuss best practices, and provide accountability for implementing ideas.



3-4 hours


Indoors or virtual

Group Size

5-500 people


✓  Professional facilitation.
✓  Impactful discussions.
✓  Application exercises.
✓  Research based materials.
✓  Digital review materials.
✓  Pre and post strategy sessions with leader.
✓  30-Day follow up with group.

“The act of thinking critically is one that impacts all aspects of our team, and now we know how to do it well.”


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