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Custom Events

Custom Event


Custom team building events tailored to your content, group, or venue.


Sometimes your team needs an event that was built just for them. Wheth-er that’s because of the unique work they do, the special circumstances your team is in, an exceptional venue that you want to incorporate into your event, or your group has done so many events that they need some-thing really different, we can create a custom team building that will be just the right fit. Some events can be customized with very little extra effort and little extra cost. Some events need to be built from the ground up utilizing client content at every step. Either way, our experienced team of facilitators can put together a distinctive and powerful experience for your team that won’t shock your accounting department.

  • Perfectly match your event to your goals & outcomes.
  • Tailor fit the activities to your group’s style.
  • Brand the materials and message to your organization.
Custom Events

Case Studies


This client needed a custom full-day workshop for their team of 50 people. They had done several programs with us already, and needed unique content as they launched a major business reorganization that would require everyone on the team to work with a lot of changes. It went so well they booked us for their next annual meeting.


This client had a group of 750 on day one, and 800 on day two. They needed a late night high energy charity event. We created a Game Show Toy Drive that was a fantastic hit. We brought in 6 full pallets of toys that were donated to a local charity. During the acceptance speech by the charity there wasn’t a person still sitting down, even though it was 10pm.


This group wanted something truly unique for their executive summit which was taking place in an exclusive venue in a presidential library. They wanted something fun, professional, and also very focused on their company mission and core values. We created a leadership themed treasure hunt inside the museum portion of the library, tying targeted activities to specific corporate values, along with some amazing photo and video opportunities so they could memorialize their experience.


A government agency that works with at-risk populations was having trouble on their support providers team. Issues of trust, stress and constant change were taking their toll on the team. We put together a program that combined some fun stress relieving activities, and some candid heart-to-heart conversations that exposed some of the underlying causes and got the team back on the same page and looking out for each other again.

Custom Events

"Thanks again for your help with the event. I appreciate your help, especially considering that we put it together in a pretty short time frame."


Program Content
Team Skills
Team Fun
Team Work
Team Bond

Length: 30 min - 2 days

Activity: Light-Adventurous

Location: Your choice of indoors, outdoors, or both

Group Size: 5-5,000+ people

Includes: Custom event design, complete facilitation, props, handouts, and equipment to run the program itself, and event photos.

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