Driven To Succeed

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In this fun, hands-on teamwork activity, teams design and build a vehicle from an assortment of materials. They must meet certain design parameters while staying within their budget. Then their vehicle will compete against other teams to try and outperform them and earn the biggest bonus. But the client has some needs that will not be met if teams stay in their organizational silos. Team takeaways focus on how to solve problems in a group, think out of the box, and work collaboratively.


Results / Skills / Analytics

  • Recognize existing silos that inhibit organizational and individual goals.

Vision / Strategies / Concepts

  • Break siloed thinking habits and focus on the big picture.

Systems / Tools / Practice

  • Increase communication between teams and individuals.

Culture / Support / Discussions

  • Have fun together, build morale and camaraderie.

Agenda & Activities


2 hours +/-


Indoors or virtual

Group Size

10-200 people


✓ Professional facilitation
✓ Project supplies
✓ Event photos
✓ Impactful discussion

“Thanks for the great team development activity. You did an excellent job and the team had very positive feedback”.


Welcome & Warm-Ups (5-10 minutes) Atlanta Challenge staff welcome the group and set expectations for the teamwork activities. We then lead some fun icebreakers that get the group moving and ready to fully participate.

Intro Teamwork Challenge (10-20 minutes) We jump right into the program with a thought provoking team activity that requires ideas and input from the entire group to solve. This gets the group engaged and thinking about what they want to get out of the program, and gets them talking about their individual strengths and how to combine them.

Construction Challenge (40 minutes) Teams are given the scenario of meeting a tall order by an important client. Using the materials provided to them, teams design and build a solution to the customer’s needs, aiming for the maximum distance traveled. They also have tight performance measures to meet and a strict budget to operate within. Attention to detail, strategy and brainstorming are the keys to team success.

Testing Grounds (10 minutes) Teams line up, present their creations, and then demonstrate their performance for all to see. Teams earn points based on how well their team’s project does, provided it meets all of the customer demands, but many teams will miss the part that says ALL the teams must meet the minimum requirements or no one wins. This leads to an eyeopening conversation about how internal dynamics can cause loss of business and the need for breaking down silos.

Final Teamwork Challenge (10-20 minutes) This challenge continues to draw upon the team’s ability to bring together each person’s perspectives and combine them to create a successful outcome. The specific activity selection is based on group size, time available, room layout, and the goals of the program.

Team Review & Wrap-up (5 minutes) Teams share their observations about how they performed during the teamwork activities, and how to apply those lessons to specific situations faced on the job. We end with a team picture and final thoughts from the team leader.

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