Emotionally Intelligent Teams

Empower your people to thrive with this transformative experience that will unlock the full potential of your team.


Elevate your team’s performance by investing in their emotional intelligence (EQ). This workshop is tailored to equip teams with the essential skills and insights needed to navigate complex interpersonal dynamics, foster resilience, and enhance collaboration. Through a blend of experiential learning, interactive discussions, and practical exercises, participants will gain a deeper understanding of emotions in the workplace and develop strategies to leverage emotional intelligence for collective success. Empower your team to thrive in today’s dynamic work environment by cultivating emotional intelligence.

Who this workshop is right for:

  • Teams that have experienced a lot of change or stress.
  • Teams that are struggling to work together smoothly.
  • Teams that want to raise their effectiveness and satisfaction.


Results / Skills / Analytics

  • Empower individuals to navigate complex interpersonal dynamics.

Vision / Strategies / Concepts

  • Enhance team cohesion and productivity through heightened EQ.

Systems / Tools / Practice

  • Learn practical strategies for effective communication and conflict resolution.

Culture / Support / Discussions

  • Foster a culture of accountability and empathy within your team.

Agenda & Activities

EQ Assessment (10 minutes) Prior to the workshop, participants will complete a Team Emotional Intelligence Assessment to gauge the team’s current EI competencies and identify areas for growth.

Pre-event Consult (30 minutes) The team leader and facilitator review group information, align on outcomes for the event, and confirm other event details.

Welcome & Icebreakers (10 minutes) The workshop begins with a warm welcome from our facilitator, setting the tone for a collaborative and engaging experience. Icebreaker activities will break down barriers and create a sense of camaraderie among participants.

Exploring Emotional Intelligence (15-20 minutes) Participants will delve into the core principles of emotional intelligence, understanding the five key components: self-awareness, self- regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. Through interactive discussions, teams will uncover the impact of EI on individual and team success.

Emotional Awareness Exercises (60 minutes) This series of experiential exercises will heighten the team’s awareness of emotions in themselves and others. These activities will provide opportunities for reflection and practice in recognizing and ex- pressing emotions effectively.

Building Empathy and Understanding (20-30 minutes) Through role-playing scenarios and guided discussions, teams will develop empathy skills, fostering a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives and enhancing interpersonal relationships within the team.

Conflict Resolution Strategies (30-45 minutes) Facilitated discussions and case studies will equip your team with practical strategies for managing conflict constructively. Participants will learn how to navigate disagreements with empathy and assertiveness, leading to more productive outcomes.

Strengthening Team Communication (20-30 minutes) Teams will explore communication styles and practice active listening techniques to foster open and honest dialogue. Emphasis will be placed on creating a psychologically safe environment where team members feel valued and respected.

Action Planning and Commitment (10-15 minutes) Teams will collaborate to develop action plans tailored to their specific EI goals and commit to implementing strategies for ongoing improvement. Facilitators will provide guidance and support in setting achievable objectives.

Post-event Consult (30 minutes) The team leader and facilitator review how the group responded to the event and what the leader can do to support the team further.

Virtual Group Follow-up (45-60 minutes) Approximately one month after the event, your facilitator will host a virtual follow- up session with the entire group to review key concepts, answer questions, discuss best practices, and assist with creating action plans.

Individual Coaching Sessions (Optional) Participants have the option to schedule individual coaching sessions with facilitators to receive personalized guidance on implementing work-life balance strategies. Call for a custom quote.



3-4 hours


Indoors or virtual

Group Size

5-500 people


✓  Professional facilitation.
✓  Impactful discussions.
✓  Application exercises.
✓  Research based materials.
✓  Digital review materials.
✓  Pre and post strategy sessions with leader.
✓  30-Day follow up with group.

“Understanding how to motivate and support my team has greatly improved the team dynamic and productivity.”

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