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Breaking News

Breaking News


A hilarious team building project that engages creativity and collaboration while teams create a sensational news story.


Teams take on the role of tabloid reporters as they scour the internet for material to create a news story sure to go viral. In order to produce their NON POLITICAL story, they will need to conduct interviews, film background footage, take witty photos of their team and compile a final news story to present to the rest of the group. The teams then vote for the best Breaking News story.

  • Practice collaboration and innovation.
  • Get to know team mates better while having a great time.
Breaking news

Welcome & Warm-Ups (5 minutes) Our facilitator welcomes the participants and leads some fun online warmup activities that also randomly create teams.

Team Up! (5 minutes) Teammates get to know each other and develop a network name and slogan.

Event Intro (5 minutes) Our facilitator introduces the event and reviews the rules and other essential details. Teams review their materials, delegate team member roles, and discuss their strategy for accomplishing all parts of their news story.

News Challenges (45-90 minutes) Our amazing app guides each team through a series of news objectives designed to help prepare their story for airing. Tasks include:

  • Station Identification: Each team designs a creative name and logo for their fictitious news network.
  • Topic Selection: Each team selects a category for their story, such as business, home, health, sports, etc, but NOT politics!
  • Research: Using the general public and other participants as their sources, each team will conduct interviews about how people feel about the story they have uncovered.
  • Support Material: Teams will take a range of photos that help demonstrate their story, and create additional props that support the angle of their story.
  • Video Advertisements: Using their iPads, teams film short infomercials about their network and an ad from a “sponsor.”
  • News Trivia: As teams complete the core missions, they will also complete fun news quizzes where they will try to correctly identify which news stories are real and which ones are fake.

Publishing (10-15 minutes) Teams finalize their stories and upload them.

Viewing (5-15 minutes) Each news story (60-90 seconds) is viewed and scored by the entire group.

Awards (5 minutes) The top scoring team wins the title of Spin-Master. Other recognitions such as “Most Creative” “Most Outrageous” and other categories can be acknowledged as well.

Wrap-Up (2 minutes) We end the team building activity with a fun closing challenge and a group picture.

After Party Slideshow If you would like a visual wrap-up to your team building activity, or just to run pictures during dinner, we can provide a website link so your team can immediately view photos and videos from your event.

Breaking news

Everyone really enjoyed themselves much more then they had anticipated. We had a few naysayers who ended up having a great time!


Program Content
Team Skills
Team Fun
Team Work
Team Bond

Length: 1-2 hours

Activity: Moderate

Location: Indoors and/or outdoors

Group Size: 8 - 100 people

Team Size: 4 - 6 people each


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