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A fun game show team building to earn food items that
teams use to build mini-golf holes, then donate.


This lively game show team building competition gets groups thinking, laughing, and contributing with fun team bonding activities. Teams try to earn points by correctly answering trivia, competing in challenges, and solving brainteasers. Teams use their points to “purchase” non-perishable food items which they use to design and build their own miniature golf hole. Teams then take turns playing the other teams’ holes and rate them before donating the food items to a local food pantry. A great way to combine charity team building with team bonding activities.

Agenda & Activities
Game Show Food Drive charity team building activity

Welcome & Warm-Ups (5 minutes) Atlanta Challenge staff welcome the participants and give a quick overview of the charity team building event. We then lead some fun warm-up activities that also randomly create small teams.

Team-Up (5 minutes) If the group is not already split into teams, we conduct a fun, light-activity game to randomly sort participants into teams.

Introduction & Instructions (5 minutes) Atlanta Challenge staff explain the rules for the game, and facilitators distribute answer sheets and other program materials to every team. Each team selects a secretary to write their answers.

Game Show (1-1 1/2 hours) Table-teams strive to earn the highest score by answering a series of trivia questions, solving team challenges, and deciphering brainteasers, with plenty of opportunities for team bonding.

Sample challenges:

  • Trivia Round: Teams are given 5 seconds per question to come up with their answers, and 30 seconds at the end of the 10-question series, giving them a chance to strategize how they will get the best answers.
  • Music Round: Teams try to name the artist and/or song title performed in the 5 second sample. No phones!
  • How Many?: Teams guess the correct amount of items in a picture, earning points based on how close their answers are.
  • Scramble: Teams race against the clock to create as many word combinations as they can.
  • Show Me: Like a scavenger hunt, but backwards. The MC calls out an item and each team scrambles to find that item within their team.
  • Sugar Rush: Teams answer questions about popular candy brands, but rather than earn points, they are immediately showered with candy .

Mini-Golf (45-75 minutes)

  • Building: Teams build their own unique mini-golf hole using the materials and food items provided, along with their own ingenuity. This challenge requires a great deal of cooperation, trust and “start to finish” planning to enable the team to be successful.
  • Playing: Teams play their way through the other team’s holes, evaluating each hole’s quality and creativity. The competition heats up as teams vie for the best overall score.

Scoring: Each team submits their scores for playing the various holes, and their evaluations of the other holes. Best scores for playing, creativity, and quality are announced, as well as the overall high scoring team.

Donation Prep (5-10 minutes) At the end of this charity team building, the food items are loaded up for donation to a local food bank or other organization.

Team Review & Wrap-up Activity (5-10 minutes) The team shares their observations about how they performed, and how to apply those lessons to specific situations faced on the job. We end with a fun, but thought provoking activity and a great group picture.

  • Practice resource management, creativity, & planning.
  • Get to know team mates better while building morale & camaraderie.
  • Develop an appreciation of others' knowledge and skills.

Length: 1.5 or 3 hours

Activity: Light

Location: Indoors

Group Size: 20-500 people

Includes: Complete facilitation, all program materials, team bandanas, food items and delivery to charity, event pictures.

“Everyone was thrilled with the Team Building Event! I have already mentioned Atlanta Challenge to several peers. ☺"