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A surprisingly fun app-based hotel scavenger hunt
that provides a great time without leaving the site.


This event is ideal for a break-out activity to get your group mingling at your event venue. Teams will be sent on a mission to unlock tasks and challenges using image recognition software on their tablet. Teams will answer questions, complete tasks and complete photo and video challenges throughout your venue. Client themed challenges and trivia can also be included.

Agenda & Activities

Welcome & Warm-Ups (5-10 minutes) Our staff welcome the participants to the venue and get everyone ready for a great team scavenger hunt. We then lead some fun warm- up activities that also randomly create small teams.

Team Up! (5-10 minutes) Teams take a few moments to create a name and slogan for their team, and build some team spirit and unity.

Event intro (5 minutes) Our fun and energetic staff give the group a quick tutorial on the app and any other event components to ensure a smooth start.

The Venue Hunt (1-2 hours) Teams use interactive maps in the app and items within the hotel or conference center to unlock a variety of challenges. Venue & hotel scavenger hunt activities include:

  • Genius Games: Teams work on this collection of various mental challenges for extra points as they travel around the venue.
  • Site Snaps: Teams take fun pictures of themselves, and sometimes other teams, in these business travel themed shots that help the team really explore the site.
  • Hotel Hotspots: Teams receive a page full of pictures that are close-ups of various landmarks in the hunt zone. They receive points for those they find and correctly identify.
  • Fact Finders: Teams answer trivia questions about the venue, Georgia, and other fun facts that a well-traveled team should know.
  • Tourist Trivia: Teams answer trivia questions about their team mates to help them get to know more about each other .
  • Staff Challenges: Whenever a team finds one of our staff, they take on bonus missions for big points. Possible challenges include puzzles & brainteasers, videos, and other games that need a team to be completed.
  • Pop-Ups: During the hunt, our Game Master will send out surprise games such as a flash mob challenge, team vs. team dance-off, or even a company trivia race.

Scoring (10 minutes) Teams turn in their materials, and then the final hotel scavenger hunt scores are dramatically revealed.

Wrap-Up (5 minutes) We end with a few final thoughts and an awesome group picture.

After Party Slideshow If you want to have a more celebrational wrap up, or run pictures during dinner or other conference activities, we can provide a website link so your team can immediately view event photos and videos.


Length: 1.5 - 3 hours

Activity: Moderate

Location: Indoors AND outdoors

Group Size: 10 - 500 people

Team Size: 5 - 6 people each

"Everyone really enjoyed themselves much more then they had anticipated. We had a few naysayers who ended up having a great time!”