Welcome & Warm-Ups (10-15 minutes) Atlanta Challenge staff welcome the group and set expectations for the event. We then lead some fun warm-up activities that get the group moving and ready to fully participate.

Ideal Leader Exercise (45 minutes) Participants review the leadership skills of great leaders and then create an “inventory” of essential leadership qualities. Next they do a personal leadership inventory and look at ways to enhance their leadership ability.

Teamwork Compass® (20-30 minutes) The Teamwork Compass® is reviewed on the team level, then participants identify what they bring to a team, and what standards they need to hold themselves to in order to be an effective leader.

Leadership 360 Challenges (60-120 minutes) These hands-on activities require brainstorming, collaboration, planning and creative problem solving. Activities are selected to help participants identify and utilize different leadership strategies. After each challenge, the designated leader receives a 360 review from the team. By the end of this segment, all participants will have led their group at least once.

Sample leader challenges Final selection of projects is determined based on the space available, your group size and your schedule.

  • New Normal Pass a ball in a set order to everyone in the group in the fastest time possible. As the standards keep getting raised, the team must adapt. Teams must develop creative systems in order to complete the simple task in extraordinary time while maintaining quality.
  • Win-Win Teams build the longest single span bridge across the town pond while dealing with various lobbies. A graphic illustration of the effects of individual agendas overriding team purpose and the critical difference that common vision, values and goals make on performance.
  • Capture Each team is given a bag full of everyday school supplies. They must construct a device capable of catching a raw egg dropped from a height of 8 feet. Each item is assigned a cost, and teams are given a budget and deadline that they must stay under.

Closing Debrief & Wrap-up Activity (10-15 minutes) The group acknowledges accomplishments of the day and discusses how to incorporate the lessons into school and life. We end with a fun closing activity and team picture.