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A great workshop is typically effective for about 24 hours after it is finished. Changing people’s behavior is hard. Getting people to change their behavior long-term is even harder. For leaders to perform better consistently, they need to operate differently. The good news is that all they need are a few core concepts to focus on, not 101 rules that will be overwhelming and soon forgotten.

After years of searching and trying out various approaches, we have found an effective method of leadership coaching that is simple, time-efficient, cost-effective, and deliv- ers MEASURABLE results on a long-term basis. The results are fantastic, especially when done in a group environment where the leaders can support, encourage and mentor each other, as well as hold each other accountable. Leaders appreciate the simplicity of the system and the impact they are able to have on their teams.

Quite simply, it works IF you work it. If you are willing to put in the up-front effort and stick with the process, you will be thrilled by the change you will see in your leaders – and their teams. But it’s not right for every situation. Some groups aren’t ready for it. Some groups don’t work together in a way that works with this type of coaching. And some leaders aren’t up to the task.

The first step is to have a quick conversation about where your people are now, and where you want them to be. If it sounds like your leaders are good candidates for coaching, we will put together a game plan for you to review.

Please contact us for a Leadership Strategy Call where we can learn more about your group, identify what they need, and what course of action will work best for them.

How Leaders Get Better & Get Noticed



4, 8, or 12 months



Group Size

1 on 1
Small groups


✓Assessments & interviews
✓A dedicated, highly trained, and experienced executive coach.
✓Consistent engagement, feed- back, tools, and insights.

"Shawn's leadership coaching is excellent! Just when I think I've obtained enough information to help me become more of a successful leader, I have another breakthrough session."


They Play to Their Strengths

A leader knows what they’re good at, and how to play to their strengths in any situation. They also know how to adapt their style as needed to bring out the best in others, and make sure the work gets done.

They Turn Their Weaknesses Into Strengths

A great leader knows that they have rough edges that are hard for them to see. They’re brave enough to ask for input and consistently work on themselves, which makes them more effective while also building their reputation.

They Build Strong Teams

Great leaders don’t wait around for the perfect people. They marshal the resources they have and inspire their people to operate at a higher level than even they thought they could.

They Coach Their People For Success

A true leader does more than manage work, they create a culture where their people are inspired to do their best work consistently. Teams don’t happen by accident; they are developed and elevated over time.

They Give and Get Consistent Feedback

Learning new ideas is fine, but it usually leads to overwhelm and a return to the status quo. But with a consistent system of feedback and accountability, real change can happen, and be measured.

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