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The fast-paced fun of a treasure hunt, but
with a creative twist, and a lot of laughs.


Teams take on the role of movie producers to create their own movie trailer or short film. They will search the streets for material to fit assigned story lines, recruit people to be extras in their show, and use various pieces of trivia they find in the game zone to incorporate into their script. We also throw in a few other surprises along the way. Teams edit their movies with their team iPads, then rate each other’s projects. This is a great project for groups that want to stretch their creative muscles.

Agenda & Activities

Welcome & Warm-Ups (25-10 minutes) Atlanta Challenge staff welcome the participants and lead some fun warm-up activities.

Team Up! (5-10 minutes) Our last warm-up game also randomly creates small teams. Each team then creates a inspiring name and slogan for their new “production company.”

Event intro (5 minutes) Our staff review the rules and timeline for the program, and hand out iPads, instructions and other materials.

Strategy Session (5-10 minutes) Each team takes a few minutes to sketch out a rough storyline, and decide who will play which roles and functions.

On Location (60-120 minutes) This can be done in a notable area around town, or at your office or other venue. Teams head out into the local area to gather content, scenes and extras for their movie, such as:

  • I can’t believe it’s really you! Find a celebrity look alike and have them deliver a notable catch phrase.
  • We found it! Using very vague clues, teams find locations to shoot their required scenes in.
  • Source material Actors need lines, and teams need to find suitable content on signs, statues, and other landmarks to incorporate into their story.
  • The moral of the story The entire movie can be based on a teamwork theme, or on a specific theme or mission that your organization is focusing on.

Movie Production (30 minutes) Teams organize their source materials, select their best scenes and create an actual short film using provided iPads.

Movie Critiques (10 minutes) Teams rate each other’s films for creativity, quality and number of completed projects.

Wrap-Up (15 minutes) At the end of the program, the teams all come together to share their experiences and the lessons they have learned about teamwork and collaboration. We end with a fun closing activity and a great group picture.

  • Create a teamwork attitude.
  • Encourage creative problem-solving.
  • Stimulate team decision making, especially while under pressure.
  • Utilize peers as resources and appreciating their unique talents.

Length: 2-3 hours depending on your schedule.

Activity: Moderate

Location: Can start and end indoors or oatdoors, research phase is done outdoors

Group Size: 10-75

Includes: Complete facilitation, iPad use, all event materials, team bandanas, and downloadable event pictures and videos.

“Thank you for such a wonderful team building event. When we did the round robin at the end of the meeting and asked what they liked, everyone said they liked the team building process, the feedback was very positive. We will definitely contact you for our next Team Building exercise. ”

Georgia Regents