Purposeful Teams

A dynamic workshop to empower teams with renewed energy and purpose, enhancing their ability to make a difference.


Discover how to nurture a resilient, emotionally connected team with our Purpose- Driven Teams workshop. Designed for teams deeply invested in their work, this program addresses the unique challenges of high emotional involvement, such as stress, burnout, and morale issues. Through interactive activities, expert facilitation, and collaborative discussions, participants will gain valuable tools and strategies to manage stress, en- hance team cohesion, and sustain their passion for their mission.

Who this workshop is right for:

  • Healthcare professionals facing high emotional demands.
  • Public wellness teams striving to make an impact on community well-being
  • Government agencies committed to public service in stressful environments.
  • Non-profit organizations deeply passionate about their cause but risk burnout.
  • ny team with high emotional investment in their work, seeking to improve stress
    management, morale, and overall team health.


Results / Skills / Analytics

  • Equip teams with tools to manage stress and prevent burnout.

Vision / Strategies / Concepts

  • Strengthen team morale and emotional resilience.

Systems / Tools / Practice

  • Develop practical strategies for maintaining passion without sacrificing well-being

Culture / Support / Discussions

  • Foster a culture of mutual support and understanding within the team.

Agenda & Activities

Team Inventory Survey (30 minutes) Before the program, each participant evaluates the team’s strengths, stressors, and potential areas for improvement. This survey will help identify the key concerns on the team and foster engagement in the workshop.

Pre-event Consult (30 minutes) The team leader and facilitator review the survey results and discuss desired outcomes. This ensures the program addresses the specific needs of the team.

Welcome & Warm-Ups (10 minutes) We welcome participants and set the stage for the day, outlining expectations and ground rules. We then lead some engaging warm-up activities designed to break the ice, energize the group, and foster a supportive atmosphere.

Opening Teamwork Activity (10-20 minutes) We start with a thought-provoking team activity that highlights the pressures and stress points unique to the team’s work. This exercise helps the group recognize and articulate the emotional and psychological impacts of their dedication.

The Teamwork Compass® (15-20 minutes) We introduce the Teamwork Compass®, an interactive tool that identifies key elements of a healthy team dynamic. Participants also learn about different teamwork styles and how each contributes to the team’s overall impact. We focus on understanding and respecting different styles to prevent clashes and build a more cohesive team.

Sustaining Healthy Passion (60 minutes) Participants explore methods to maintain their passion for their work without compromising their well-being. This session covers self-care practices, setting boundaries, and strategies for sustaining enthusiasm and motivation over the long term.

Staying Focused on the Bigger Picture (45 minutes) Participants learn techniques to stay aligned with their team’s mission and purpose without getting derailed by daily challenges. This module covers goal setting, prioritization, and maintaining a strategic focus to avoid the trap of constantly putting out fires.

Managing High Emotions and Conflict (60 minutes) This session addresses how high emotional investment can lead to conflicts within the team. Participants will learn conflict resolution techniques, how to manage emotional triggers, and strategies for fostering empathy and understanding to create a more harmonious work environment.

Team Declaration (20-30 minutes) The team assesses their current stress levels and coping mechanisms. Together, they brainstorm strategies for reducing stress and improving overall well-being. This session emphasizes accountability and mutual support, with a commitment to revisiting these strategies over the next 30 days.

Culmination Teamwork Activity (30 minutes) This project focuses on trust-building and applying the day’s lessons in a practical con- text. The activity is tailored to reinforce the team’s understanding of stress management, communication, and emotional support, ensuring they leave with actionable skills.

Closing Debrief & Wrap-up Activity (10 minutes) The group reflects on the day’s accomplishments and insights. We facilitate a discussion on how to integrate these lessons into their daily work life, reinforcing a culture of support and resilience.

Post-event Leader Consult (20-30 minutes) The facilitator and team leader discuss the outcomes of the workshop, sharing insights and recommendations for sustaining the momentum. This consult aims to provide the leader with tools and strategies to continue supporting their team effectively.

Virtual Group Follow-up (45-60 minutes) Approximately one month after the event, the facilitator hosts a virtual follow-up session. This meeting reviews key concepts, answers questions, dis- cusses best practices, and helps the team create actionable plans to maintain their progress and address any new challenges that have arisen.



3-4 hour


Indoors or virtual

Group Size

5-25 people


✓ Professional facilitation.
✓ Impactful discussions.
✓ Application exercises.
✓ Research based materials.
✓ Digital review materials.
✓ Pre and post strategy
sessions with leader.
✓ 30-Day follow up with group.

"The group loved it! They felt that they learned and had fun. I appreciate all of your
hard work!”

~ Cobb and Douglas Public Health

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