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Remote Team Wellness

Remote Team Wellness


A daily dose of connection, fun, challenge, and support to keep your team engaged and effective while working remotely.


Give your team much-needed boosts to their morale and help build healthy habits while working remotely. Each day, a group of short but impactful tasks arrive in our amazing app-based platform such as interactive challenges, wellness tips, mindfulness breaks, and daily objectives. There is an almost unlimited variety of custom content that can be added to the program to reinforce any company guidelines or messaging you want to share with your people consistently.

  • Practice collaboration and innovation.
  • Develop well being of individuals and the team as a whole.
Remote Team Wellness

Pre-Event Orientation Our virtual games facilitator will spend 20-30 minutes with your designated event organizer to ensure they understand how to download the app, play the game, check scores, send messages, view the photo gallery, and handle basic trouble-shooting.

Event Briefing Our staff has produced a short video that will show participants how to download the app, play the game, and see what everyone else creates each day. A live kick-off option is available but generally not needed.

  • Daily Goals: A set of short questions to get focused on what is most important for the day.
  • Wellness Tip: A short video clip with tips on working remotely and staying healthy.
  • Daily Fun: Each participant shares a themed photo or video to get everyone’s day off to a great start.
  • Mindfulness Break: A different downloadable audio arrives twice a day to help your people stay grounded and lower stress. A variety of styles and lengths are presented so everyone can find something that works for their style.
  • Live Game: A fast-paced 15 minute game played at lunch time with the entire team on video conference so they can get some human “contact.”
  • EOD: A quick check in at the end of the day to acknowledge what went well, and how to make tomorrow an even better day.

Post Event Slideshow We provide you with a website link so your team can immediately view photos and videos from all players as they are submitted.

Survey Results The daily goals and wrap-up notes go to the team leader so they can review them to gain insight into how the team is doing and where they may need support.

Remote Team Wellness

“The feedback from the group has been good. They really enjoyed the time with your team.”

Southern Company

Program Content
Team Skills
Team Fun
Team Work
Team Bond

Length: 10-30 minutes per day. 5, 10 or 20 days

Activity: Moderate

Group Size: 2 - 1,000 people

Team Size: 1 - any people each

Includes: Orientation, app access, photo gallery, user stats, downloadable videos and audios.

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