Welcome & Warm-Ups (5-10 minutes) Our friendly Atlanta Challenge staff welcome your group and give an overview of the event. We then break the ice with some fun warm-up activities that get everyone involved and ready to fully participate.

Thinking Styles Activity (45-60 minutes) In this interactive learning game, participants gain valuable insights into their own strengths on a team, and how to appreciate and utilize other people’s strengths. Using this knowledge, participants evaluate how they can be better team players and support their team mates.

Team Up (5-10 minutes) A fun activity that randomly splits the group into smaller project teams.

Hero Challenge (60 minutes) Each team member creates a super hero alter-ego for themselves. The heroes must possess strengths that the team members actually have (such as listening, planning, communication, etc.) Then, using the materials provided to them, teams design outfits for their super heroes, as well as create a short dramatic skit showing their heroes solving real-world problems.

The Show (10 – 30 minutes) Each team introduces their heroes, explains their super powers and then presents their skit to the group, complete with a hero theme song. The audience rates each team’s creation, or at least tries to while they’re laughing.

Judging (15 minutes) Teams cast their ballots for “most creative,” “best use of materials,” “most inspiring,” and other fun categories.

Team Tie-In (5-15 minutes) Each group discusses additional challenges that team members can help solve using the strengths of each team member.

Team Review & Wrap-up Activity (15 minutes) The team shares their observations about how they performed, and how to apply those lessons to specific situations faced at school and in life. We end with a fun, but thought provoking, activity and a team picture.