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Six Flags Hunt

Six Flags Hunt


An app-based amusement park scavenger hunt that has some-thing for everyone, whether they like roller coasters or not.


Our Six Flags scavenger hunt has something for everyone, and keeps your group interacting with each other, no matter how spread out they get. Teams will use our amazing app to search throughout the park for secret icons to scan, fascinating facts, team photo missions, hysterical video challenges, and so much more. A great way to enjoy the park even while standing in line. Participants can play as teams or individually. The hunt can be for a couple of hours as a race, or be an extra game they play all day as everyone enjoys the park at their own pace.

  • Have fun as a team.
  • Turn an on-your-own day into a true team adventure.

Welcome & Warm-Ups (5-10 minutes) Our staff welcome the participants to Six Flags Over Georgia and get every- one ready for a great event. We then lead some fun warm- up activities that also randomly create small teams.

Team Up! (5-10 minutes) Teams take a few moments to create a name and slogan for their team, and build some team spirit and unity.

Event intro (5 minutes) Our fun and energetic staff give the group a quick tutorial on the app and any other event components to ensure a smooth start to their Six Flags scavenger hunt.

The Six Flags Hunt (1-2 hours or all day) Teams use in- teractive maps in the app and items within the park to unlock a variety of challenges. Scavenger hunt activities include:

  • Photo Quest: Teams look for the best places to take photos and selfies such as playing games, begging for good- ies, optical illusions and other park themed portraits.
  • Super Challenges: Whenever a team finds an Atlanta Challenge facilitator in the park, they get access to high scoring bonus missions such as filming an informercial for the park, celebrity encounters, mini park games and other surprises.
  • Traveler Trivia: Participants get to know each other better through these fun trivia questions about places they’ve been and daring activities they have participated in.
  • Brain Games: To keep the brainy types on your team happy, each group is provided with a menagerie of puzzles, codes, and brainteasers to keep the brain engaged while wandering the park, or waiting in line.
  • Close-ups: Throughout the park, we have taken pictures of interesting items, but zoomed in to one small part of it. Will your team be able to spot them?
  • Six-Flags Fun Facts: Release your inner nerd as you find answers to a wide variety of park based trivia.
  • Backpack Missions: Each team is provided with a back- pack full of an odd assortment of materials that they will use for pop-up missions as the app activates at hot spots around the park. Videos, puzzles, and even flash mobs are possible.

Scoring (5 minutes) Teams turn in their materials, and then the final scores for the amusement park scavenger hunt are dramatically revealed.

Wrap-Up (5 minutes) We end with a few final thoughts and an awesome group picture.

After Party Slideshow If you want to have a more celebrational wrap up, or just run pictures during dinner, we can provide you with a website link so that your team can immediately view photos and videos from your event.

"I wanted to personally thank you for the great event ! We were all over the place and probably a pain, but we all had a great time! We cannot wait to see the pictures! "

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Program Content
Team Skills
Team Fun
Team Work
Team Bond

Length: 2 -3 hours, or all day.

Activity: Moderate

Location: Outdoors at Six Flags

Group Size: 10 - 5,000 people

Team Size: 1 - 6 people each

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