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A fun app-based activity that uses photos, videos, trivia and surveys to help your group get to know each other better.


This interactive activity gets students using technology to develop relationships by interacting with as many people as possible. They will meet people as they answer trivia challenges, take photos with other attendees, record group videos, and other fun projects. You can use our off-the-shelf version, or we can design custom content so that you can collect feedback, present survey questions, and challenge teams with tasks that reinforce lessons you will be teaching.

  • Fully engage event attendees.
  • Ensure networking between participants.
  • Build awareness and recognition of key messages.

Welcome & Warm-Ups (5 minutes) Our staff welcome the participants and lead some fun warm-up activities to get everyone ready to go.

App Orientation (2 minutes) We provide everyone with a handout that has instructions for downloading the app and playing the game.

Networking! (30-60 minutes) Individuals and/or teams earn points by completing tasks in the mobile app. This encourages participants to interact with other attendees. Some of the challenges available are:

  • Photo Missions: These are fun shots participants take of themselves with other attendees that fit certain criteria, such as students from a different class or major, who live in the same area, or have the same kind of pet. A fun way to meet new people!
  • Video Missions: Participants film creative scenes and humorous stunts with many other players.
  • Personal Trivia: Everyone has a list of unique things they need to find out about other people in the group, and enter their name when they find a match. A great rapport builder!
  • Custom Quizzes: Sets of 3-6 questions on specific sessions or class content helps students remember key points. A fun and interactive way to improve retention!
  • Bespoke Questions: What do you want students to think about? Participants can respond to custom questions in text or with video presentations during the event.
  • Virtual Reality: Participants can be instructed to scan certain signs, pictures, or materials to see images or videos that appear with additional information. A great way to introduce new content or campus features!
  • Attendee Feedback: Learn what is successful and not at your event while it is fresh in attendees’ minds by collecting feedback with polls and questions.

Scoring (ongoing) A real-time scoreboard can be available throughout the event if desired, or turned off to keep everyone’s score a mystery until the end.

Wrap-Up (2 minutes) We announce high scores, distribute prizes when available, and wrap up with a group photo.

"Thank you for such a wonderful day. We came in with a group that barely knew each others names and left with a group that had made lifelong bonds.”

Agnes Scott GEMS

Program Content
Team Skills
Team Fun
Team Work
Team Bond

Length: 45-90 minutes

Activity: Light

Location: Indoors at almost any venue

Group Size: 35-500 people

Includes: Complete facilitation, event materials, event pictures and videos.

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