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An interactive workshop that helps teams define clear rules
for making sure everyone has a safe and positive workspace.


Utilizing a combination of live facilitation, hands-on activities, group conversations, and our cutting edge app-based learning system, participants explore the difficult topic of harassment in the workplace. The facilitator will present a brief module about a harassment topic, then participants will use the app to complete a short quiz and an interactive challenge that helps turn ideas into practiced skills. The app allows participants to be completely candid in their answers, allowing for powerful insights into the groups attitudes and experiences on this difficult topic. All this is packaged into a fun format that feels more like a game than a workshop.

Agenda & Activities

Welcome & Warm-Ups (5-10 minutes) Atlanta Challenge staff welcome the group and set expectations for the event. We then lead some fun warm-up activities that get the group moving and ready to fully participate.

Intro Teamwork Challenge (10-20 minutes) We jump right into the program with a thought provoking team activity that brings into focus the current interactions on the team. This helps the group see and understand what is going on, how it is impacting them, and how important it is to address those issues.

Learning Modules The facilitator will introduce each segment, providing common language and references for the group. After each module the group will use the app to answer quiz questions, provide anonymous feedback on surveys, and ask sensitive questions they may not feel comfortable asking openly. Possible modules include:

  • Teamwork Compass® This simple but powerful tool helps the team understand different people’s perceptions and how people can look at the same situation very differently.
  • Definitions of Harassment We look at the different types of harassment, including sexual, racial, age and others. We also look at the different ways these can be displayed and what constitutes harassment, bullying or retaliation.
  • Examples of Harassment Perception plays a huge role in identifying harassment. In this module we look at examples of harassment to help participants know what to look for, including verbal, physical, cyber and other ways harassment and intimidation can be displayed.
  • Team Responsibilities This module digs into how the team needs to address harassment and how to hold each other accountable, and when and how to report situations.
  • Management Responsibilities The team is given valuable insights into management’s responsibilities and legal requirements are when it comes to training, reporting and setting the right tone in the workplace.Group Problem Solving A leader doesn’t need to know all the answers, but they do need to know how to get the best solutions from their team. This module gives leaders a system for helping their team stay on track and find constructive solutions.
  • 30-Day Team Challenge The team makes specific decisions about what they will focus on for the next 30 days to ensure that their new commitments become part of the team culture.

Final Teamwork Challenges (30-60 minutes) These hands-on activities are designed to help your team utilize their new understanding of tolerance and acceptance. Many exercises are available based on the specific needs of your team.

Examples include:

  • Pull Together Participants must transport a ball from the top of a stake to another stake about 30 feet away without anyone touching the stake or the ball. This initiative focuses on communication, trust and positive communication.
  • It’s Not My Fault Everyone must maintain contact with the helium hoop while they lower it to the floor. Sound easy? Give it a try! This initiative will test your teams’ ability to solve problems without blame.

Closing Debrief & Wrap-up Activity (5-10 minutes) The group acknowledges accomplishments of the day and discusses how to incorporate the lessons after the program.

Post-Event Feedback: After the event, you will receive a report with a log of the group’s answers to the quiz questions, responses to open-ended questions, and any recorded interactive activities.

  • Understand what is considered harassment.
  • Set team standards on what will and won’t be tolerated.
  • Develop an accountability system that ensures a safe workplace.

Length: 4 hours +/-

Activity: Light

Location: Indoors

Group Size: 5-50 people

Includes: Complete facilitation, participant handouts, project supplies and event photos.

"On behalf of the entire management team, thank you for providing us with an informative but fun day."

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