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A fun collection of popular tailgate and backyard games
enhanced for a rousing team against team competition.


Forget the same old company picnic ideas—we’ve taken tailgating and turned it into an exciting team event. We set up a wide range of yard and sports team building activities in themed zones. Teams or individual players rotate through each arena of games, trying to get the best score in each game, each theme arena, and overall high score. A great event for a group that has been sitting all day and needs to blow off some steam. Add your own barbeque or tailgate-style foods and you have a fun alternative to the standard cocktail reception or company picnic.

Agenda & Activities

Welcome & Warm-Ups (5 minutes) Atlanta Challenge staff welcome the participants and give a quick overview of the event. We then lead some fun warm- up activities.

Team-Spirit (5 minutes) If the group is not already split into teams, we lead a fun game to randomly sort participants into teams.

Introduction (5 minutes) Atlanta Challenge staff ex- plain the rules for the game, and facilitators distribute score sheets and other program materials.

The Game (1-2 hours) Teams or individuals earn as many points as they can at several different stations, each with a selection of games that they play in rotation with, or directly against, other teams.

Sample arenas & sports team building activities:

  • Can You Toss It?: Hidden horseshoes, Great chicken fling, Real ladder golf, Linked washer toss.
  • Jumbo Games: King-size ring toss, Giant Jenga, Pillow-size corn hole, 4-Foot 4-In-A-Row, Bizarre bowling,
  • Grass Is Always Greener: Blind lawn darts, Team bocce, Ultimate disc golf, Giant beer pong.
  • Sports Star: Field goal kick, Wobbly free-throw, Target golf putt, Soccer goal, Giant chip shot.
  • Sports Trivia: As teams are moving from station to station, they can tackle additional sports themed trivia and brainteasers. This helps keep everyone active throughout the event, and ensures that everyone will have something they are good at.

Scoring & Prizes (5 minutes) We announce scores from bottom to top, recognize the winning team and hand out prizes if made available by client.

Wrap-Up (2 minutes) We end our portion of your company picnic or team building activities with a thank-you to the group, team picture if appropriate, and any announcements the group needs before breaking.

  • Re-energize your team after a long day.
  • Get to know other attendees in a fun, casual atmosphere.
  • Build morale and appreciation for the organization.

Length: 2-3 hours

Activity: Moderate

Location: Outdoors in a large open space, or inside a gym or similar space.

Group Size: 35-500 people.

Includes: Complete facilitation, all event materials, team bandanas, event pictures.

Service Project Option

Teams use their points to “purchase” items from a “store” we set up at the event. This can be a food drive, back-to-school backpacks, emergen- cy shelter pack, gift bag of toys, etc. Add $10- 20 per person depending on how much you want to give.

“Your company was so great, professional and FUN! Thank you for helping to make this year’s team building activity so memorable.”