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Stakeholder centered 360 leadership assessments, feedback, and coaching that takes leaders to the next level in their field.


Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching is a highly effective,efficient form of leadership coaching. This structured, transparent approach quickly identifies optimal changes with maximum growth potential and embeds leadership growth into daily job interactions. Of the 11,000 leaders who have been through the Marshall Goldsmith coaching process, 95% demonstrated quantifiable able improvement in their leadership effectiveness. The strength of our leadership coaching is this: when a leader gets frequent, high-quality feedback from their stakeholders and has a coach to help them integrate that feedback, they are able to exponentially improve their e effectiveness. Unlike other leadership development programs, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching emphasizes the involvement of stakeholders in a time-efficient manner. Recommended changes are implemented quickly, with follow-through to measure growth in leadership effectiveness. The end result is a more confident and effective leader, and satisfied stakeholders who can see measurable success.

  • Identify specific leadership traits to improve.
  • Continuously improve skills with stakeholder feedback.
  • Build a support network that provides suggestions for improvement.
  • Develop effective leaders committed to individual and team growth.

STEP 1: Define leadership goals important to the leader and the organization.
One of the core tenets of our leadership coaching methodology is that leaders are more successful when they choose what to work on to improve. We facilitate the leader conducting a cost/benefit analysis that helps the leader evaluate if it is “worth it” to proceed. Once a goal is selected, the leader identifies stakeholders who are relevant because they both are a effected by the leader’s behavior and are clear beneficiaries of the leader’s performance. The leader’s manager approves the development goal and list of stakeholders be- fore the process proceeds.

STEP 2: Buy-in from stakeholders to be part of the process
Stakeholder perception of the leader’s e effectiveness determines success. Stakeholders are an integral part of the Marshall Goldsmith Leadership Coaching process and are recruited as valued members of the leadership change process. Each Stakeholder is asked, either by the coach or the leader, to actively participate in the leader’s improvement on an ongoing basis. Stakeholders are asked to provide insight to the leader through feedback, feedforward and anonymous mini- surveys on the leader’s improvement. At the be- ginning of the process, Stakeholders share initial input on the Action Plan by providing suggestions to the leader and coach. Stakeholder involvement is kept time-effcient.

STEP 3: Stakeholder based planning

To ensure a high-quality ac on plan targeted specifically to the leader’s company and situation, the ac on plan is not designed from the coach’s expertise, but from the initial suggestions solicited from the Stakeholders. The plan is also divided into daily ac on steps for the leader to keep in their awareness on an ongoing basis. Stakeholders receive a copy of the plan so they are aware of target areas for providing feedback and further suggestions to the leader.

STEP 4: Monthly collection of stakeholder input

Each month of the leadership coaching process, the Leader uses the 7-Step Involving Stakeholder “Do’s and Don’ts” to check in with each Stake- holder. During this brief 3 to 5 minute session, the Leader requests feedback on the prior 30 days and any improvement suggestions for the next 30 days. The Leader shares this input with the Coach, who helps the Leader dis ll this input into a plan for what to add, change, or modify for the coming month. New ac on items created for the Ac on Plan are communicated to all the Stakeholders.

STEP 5: Measure leadership change as perceived by stakeholders
Midway and at the end of the predetermined coaching process timeframe, Stakeholders are asked to complete a formal mini-survey to assess the progress made on the Leader’s chosen development goal. This anonymous survey validates the Leader’s improvement and measures the change in Stakeholder perception. Using the mini- survey results, the Leader completes an A er Ac- on Review delineating what happened, why, and what lessons can be applied in the future.

Pay For Performance Guarantee Leadership coaching is a high-rewards, high-investment endeavor. With so much at stake, it can be hard to trust a process you haven’t seen. We know the Marshall Goldsmith coaching process works, so we put our money where our mouth is. Our monthly coaching fees are subject to measurable leadership growth. If your leader(s) don’t improve, you don’t pay us. It’s that simple.

"We were already a very successful team who took our performance to the next level. We identified our two key areas for improvement and went to work. We used everyone’s help and support, exceeded our improvement expectations and had fun! A team’s dedication to continuous improvement combined with Marshall’s proven process ROCKS!"

Alan Mulally

Program Content
Team Skills
Team Fun
Team Work
Team Bond

Length: 6-12 months

Activity: Light

Location: Indoors

Group Size: 1-50 people

Includes: See following pages

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