Team Mastermind

A monthly support system for groups that are ready to level up their careers, their performance, and their team.


This follow-up process is for teams who have attended a workshop and want to continue to develop their skills. Too often, the content from a workshop is forgotten over time, especially when it is perceived as a “flavor of the month.” But checking in with their teammates and facilitated by an expert coach, teams are held accountable and measured by their peers. This gives them additional insights and inspiration to keep moving forward. And after a few months, they see great results and want to keep the momentum.


Results / Skills / Analytics

  • Continually identify areas for improvement and measure progress.

Vision / Strategies / Concepts

  • Think out of the box and look at the big picture and identify important trends.

Systems / Tools / Practice

  • Provide accountability.

Culture / Support / Discussions

  • Expand levels of trust and communication and provide on going support.

Agenda & Activities

The Importance of Feedback: Consistency is key!

The charts below show the profound improvement we can accomplish when we consistently check in with our stakeholders. Based on over 11,000 coaching engagement surveys, it clearly shows that the more frequently a leader (or anyone) checks in with the people they interact with the most, the bet- ter they get at what they do, and the more they get recognized for it.

Results based on frequency of follow up:

Two important things to ask…

  • What would happen if everyone on your team measurably improved their individual performance?
  •  What would be the impact if your team measurably improved their group performance?



Monthly 45 minute sessions



Group Size

5-20 people


✓  Professional facilitation
✓  Custom Handouts
✓  Permanent access to the session recording
✓  Continual, intentional follow up and accountability

“Shawn's coaching is excellent! Just when I think I've obtained enough information to help me become more successful, I have another breakthrough session.”


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