Atlanta Challenge provides the Facilitator / Narrator to lead the murder mystery team building game, props for participant-characters, clue and trivia packets, and other program materials. The Atlanta Challenge Facilitator coaches the characters on their duties before the program starts. The characters do not know who the villain is, even if it is their character, so they can be fully engaged participants. For the most fun and best fit to the story line, the “victim” is the highest level person in the group. The table-teams for solving the mystery can be assigned in advance, or randomly upon arrival.

  • Prior to the start of the program, the 9 participant characters are given a quick orientation to the program and how to fulfill their parts. There is nothing to memorize, so being a character is stress-free.
  • Upon arrival, each table-team receives an introduction to the murder mystery team building and their first challenges.
  • The primary characters are introduced and the stage is set for the mystery.
  • Just after your first course is served, the guests witness the murder, but there may be more…
  • Between each course of the meal, the mystery continues to unfold with more dramatic action and clues that will lead to the mystery’s conclusion.
  • Before desert, each team makes their accusations and provides their analysis of what happened.
  • The solution is dramatically revealed around the time dessert is served.
  • The facilitator announces the winning team—the one that solved the mystery and earned the most points in the team challenges.
  • The program ends with a brief discussion on team work (when appropriate), acknowledgement of your team characters, and bringing up the cast for a picture and round of appreciative applause.

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