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A half-day workshop that will create a stronger
sense of unity and a shared mission while building trust.


Through a series of hands-on projects, candid conversations, and interesting content, your team will improve conflict resolution skills, build stronger relationships, and trust each other more. These trust building activities help create an environment where everyone has a commitment to helping each other succeed and moving the team forward. This program focuses on the emotional intelligence of the team, and how to ensure the team dynamic is positive

  • Develop a team “code of honor” that directs the team’s behavior.
  • Build stronger and more respectful relationships within the team.
  • Improve trust and open communication.

Welcome & Warm-Ups (10 minutes) Atlanta Challenge staff welcome participants and set expectations and ground rules for the day’s events. We then lead some fun warm-up activities that break the ice and get the group physically and emotionally involved.

Intro Teamwork Challenge (10-20 minutes) We jump right into the program with a thought provoking team activity that brings into focus the current interactions on the team. This helps the group see and understand what is going on, how it is impacting them, and how important it is to address those issues.

The Teamwork Compass® (15-20 minutes) We lead an interactive conversation about the key ingredients of teamwork, how different team members have a stronger affinity for some of those ingredients, and how to bring them all together to be a healthy team. We use this metaphor throughout the program to increase familiarity with this powerful tool, and create a culture of success.

The RESPECT Charter (30 minutes)
Relationships: appreciating everyone on the team.
Expectations: what is and is not appropriate on the team.
Support: creating a safe environment for each other.
Promises: holding each other accountable positively.
Empathy: seeing situations through each others’ eyes.
Communication: open, honest and constructive.
Trust: knowing that everyone has the best of intentions.

Team Coaching (20-30 minutes) The group rates their current level of teamwork in these essential areas, and brainstorms a number of ways to improve the areas that are most critical. As a team, they commit to the strategy that they have agreed upon, and to holding each other accountable to that commitment for 30 days.

Final Teamwork Challenge (30 minutes) These hands-on activities are designed to act as trust building activities as well as help your team utilize their new understanding of “whole-brain” thinking and apply those lessons to make the team more effective. Many exercises are available based on the specific needs of your team.

Examples include:

  • Pull Together Participants transport a ball from the top of a stake to another stake about 30 feet away with half the team blindfolded, needing to trust the other half of the team. This initiative focuses the team on the importance of trust and supportive communication.
  • It’s Not My Fault Everyone must maintain contact with the helium hoop while they lower it to the floor. Sound easy? Give it a try! This initiative will test your team’s’ ability to solve problems without blame.

Closing Debrief & Wrap-up Activity (10 minutes) The group comes together to acknowledge accomplishments of the day and incorporate lessons into real life. We wrap up with a meaningful closing activity and team picture.


“Our team was engaged and embraced the opportunity to build a stronger team through understanding of each other’s styles. ”


Program Content
Team Skills
Team Fun
Team Work
Team Bond

Length: 3 hours +/-

Activity: Light

Location: Indoors

Group Size: 5-50 people

Includes: Complete facilitation, participant handouts, project supplies and event photos.

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