Welcome & Warm-Ups (10-15 minutes) Atlanta Challenge staff welcome participants and set expectations and ground rules for the day’s events. We then lead some fun warm-up activities that break the ice and get the group physically and emotionally involved, as well as split them into smaller teams for the event if needed.

The Compass (15-20 minutes) A short interactive conversation about the key ingredients of teamwork, how different team members have a stronger affinity for some of those ingredients, and how to bring them all together to be an unstoppable team. We then use this metaphor throughout the program to help the team become familiar with this powerful tool, and create a culture of success.

The Quest (60-120 minutes) Teams tackle a series of hands-on activities which require brainstorming, collaboration, planning and creative problem-solving. Here are some examples of the dozens that we have available:

  • Key Punch A task is presented to the group to touch all of the spots in the “production area” and certain rules or “production processes” will be introduced. The ultimate goal is to develop the fastest possible method for touching all of the spots and maintain the highest level of quality control.
  • Bull Ring In this activity participants must transport a ball that sits on top of a stake to another stake which is about 30 feet away. Here’s the tricky part – no one can touch the stake or the ball. Your team will have a very limited amount of time to accomplish this task. This initiative will focus on quality control, communication and effective problem solving.
  • Maze In this challenge, every person on your team must go through a maze within the designated time. All participants must find the path to the other side through trial and error. There are a few stipulations. The object is for the team to learn from each other’s “successes” and focus on effective problem solving through the process of elimination.
  • Turn Over a New Leaf In this seemingly simple task, the group must create a plan to get everyone from the side of the tarp they are all standing on to the other side without anyone stepping off. This activity requires problem solving skills, communication and effective team involvement.

Closing Debrief & Wrap-up Activity (10-20 minutes) The group comes together to acknowledge accomplishments of the day and incorporate lessons into real life. We wrap up with a meaningful closing activity and team picture.