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Shark Pitch

The Shark Pitch


Teams create, market and pitch a new product to develop their innovation skills in this corporate scavenger hunt.


Experience the fun of your own TV-spin-off in this exciting corporate scavenger hunt. Using our award winning app as their guide, teams design, research and promote a new product idea. Each group will design a logo, film an infomercial, create marketing materials, interview potential consumers, and even create a prototype product from materials gathered on their travels. Fun business trivia will keep the entire team engaged while they battle to create a product worthy of winning in the final boardroom challenge.

  • Develop a customer-focused mindset.
  • Practice collaborating and innovation.
  • Get to know team mates better while building morale & camaraderie.
The Shark Pitch

Welcome & Warm-Ups (10-15 minutes) Our staff welcome the participants and build excitement for the event. We then lead some fun warm-up activities that also randomly create small teams.

Team Up! (5-10 minutes) Teammates get to know each other, and develop team names and slogans.

Event Intro (5-10 minutes) Our on-site facilitator introduces the event, and goes over the rules and other essential details. Teams review their materials, delegate team member roles, and discuss their strategy for accomplishing all parts of product create and the corporate scavenger hunt.

The Pitch Challenges (1.5-2 hours) Our app guides each team through a series of business objectives designed to help prepare their product pitch for the boardroom. Possible challenges include:

  • Logo Design: Each team designs a creative and meaningful logo for their product.
  • Market Research: Using the general public or our ac- tors (included in large group programs), each team must survey potential customers for market viability.
  • Product Prototype: Using available materials, each team creates a prototype of their product to use in their marketing.
  • Video Advertisements: Using their iPads, teams film short infomercials about their new product.
  • Invest Points: Teams have the opportunity to “invest” points in other teams for influence or collaboration.
  • Bonus Business Challenges: As teams complete missions and earn points, additional missions are revealed in the app. Teams use these bonus points for “investing” and other purposes.

Scoring & Voting (10 minutes) Teams reconvene at the starting area to finalize their scoring and vote for their favorite team.

Final Pitch (5-15 minutes) The most popular team has the opportunity to present their pitch live to the entire group.

Review (5-10 minutes) We briefly discuss lessons learned during the program and ideas for implementing best practices into the workplace.

Wrap-Up (10-15 minutes) We end with a fun closing activity and a group picture.

After Party Slideshow If you would like a visual wrap-up to your corporate scavenger hunt, or just to run pictures during dinner, we can provide a website link so your team can immediately view photos and videos from your event.

Simultaneous Multiple Locations

This event can run in multiple locations at the same time, even in different cities or countries.

The Shark Pitch

“I wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU!! ! The event was a HUGE success. The game was such a fantastic contribution to the conference and will be spoken about for a long time!”

Direct Line Group

Program Content
Team Skills
Team Fun
Team Work
Team Bond

Length: 3 hours +/-

Activity: Moderate

Location: Indoors and/or outdoors

Group Size: 20 - 1,000 people

Team Size: 4 - 6 people each

Includes: Complete facilitation, event materials, team bandanas, event pictures and videos.

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