The Situational Leader

Resources for leaders to take their teams from wherever they are to the next level more quickly and with less pushback.


There is no “best” style of leadership. To effectively lead a team, leaders must be able to identify the current situation, know what the team needs at that moment, and adapt their style accordingly. This situational approach allows for more successful interactions and faster team development. This informative and hands-on workshop provides leaders with the insights and measurement tools they need to identify, adapt, and deliver leadership that is on target.


Goals / Skills / Analytical

  • Accurately assess the development level and needs of each leader’s team.

Vision / Strategies / Conceptual

  • Develop a broader understanding of how people, teams, and organizations thrive.

Systems / Tools / Organizational

  • Utilize a team assessment tool and leader action plan guide.

Culture / Support / Relational

  • Gain essential feedback and support from peers.

Agenda & Activities

Team Assessment (15 minutes) Before the program, each participant evaluates their team’s current level.

Pre-event Consult (30 minutes) The team leader and the facilitator review the group information and align on outcomes to ensure a successful program.

Introductory Challenge (10-20 minutes) We jump right into the program with a thought-provoking activity that requires ideas and input from the entire group to solve. This gets the group working together and thinking about what they want to get out of the program.

Team Development Overview (30 minutes) We take an in-depth look at the phases of team development (Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing), how to identify a team’s current status, and what the leader’s role is at each stage.

Team Results Review (30 minutes) Leaders review the results of their team assessment and identify the current level of their team. This gives them insights into what is required of them as leaders to guide their teams to the next level.

Application Exercises (45 minutes) The group works through exercises on how to apply the leadership model to their specific situation. They will also utilize the whole -brain thinking process to ensure that their plans are well-rounded and optimized for success.

The Leadership Compass (15-20 minutes) We lead a short, interactive conversation about the critical ingredients of successful teams, how different team members have a stronger affinity for some of those ingredients, and how leaders can bring them all together to create a highly effective team.

Hot Seat (30 minutes) In small groups, each leader presents their team assessment, diagnosis of the situation, and action plan. Their peers provide feedback and offer suggestions for improving the plan. These insights from other leaders in the same organization are invaluable. Leaders also establish accountability systems to ensure follow-through and support.

Final Leadership Challenge (20-30 minutes) This project continues to draw upon the group’s ability to bring together each person’s perspectives and combine them for success. The conversation afterward reviews the whole- brain thinking styles and how they helped the team find a solution.

Wrap-up (5 minutes) The team shares observations and what they want to focus on going forward.

Post-event Leader Consult (20-30 minutes) The program facilitator will talk with the team leader to share insights and suggestions for maintaining momentum afterward.

Virtual Group Follow-up (45-60 minutes) Approximately one month after the event, your facilitator will host a virtual follow-up session to review key concepts, answer questions, discuss best practices, and assist with creating action plans.



3-4 hours


Indoors or virtual

Group Size

5500 people


✓  Professional facilitation.
✓  Impactful discussions.
✓  Application exercises.
✓  Research based materials.
✓  Digital review materials.
✓  Pre and post strategy sessions with leader.
✓  30-Day follow up with group.


“Thanks for the great team development activity. You did an excellent job and the team had very positive feedback”


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