Toy Raiders

Build a bike or other toy to build your team’s commitment to excellence and corporate social responsibility.


This intriguing corporate social responsibility activity is set in Egypt, as teams of 8-10 participants work their way through the archeological site of an ancient temple to obtain the parts for a child’s toy. The challenges are a combination of proven tabletop problem-solving initiatives and mental challenges that will help your team identify optimum teamwork skills. At the end of the charity team building, each team will assemble their toy and get it ready to donate. The goal of donating a completed toy to charity is a great metaphor for staying focused on the big picture.


Goals / Skills / Analytical

  • Contribute to the community.

Vision / Strategies / Conceptual

  • Get to know co-workers in a different environment.

Systems / Tools / Organizational

  • Reinforce the importance of staying focused on the primary goal.

Culture / Support / Relational

Agenda & Activities

Welcome & Warm-Ups (20-30 minutes) Atlanta Challenge staff welcome the participants and set expectations for the corporate social responsibility activity.

Team Up! (5 minutes) We lead some fun warm-up activities that also randomly create small teams for the rest of the charity team building event.

Recovery Challenges (90-120 minutes) Teams attempt to recover the parts for their toy by completing a series of challenges. These activities are more mentally than physically challenging.

  • The Obelisk Mystery At the entrance to the Temple of Harpocrates stands an obelisk. Each team member is given a few cryptic clues that only they can see, but when combined, the team will be able to unravel the mystery, IF they can communicate effectively.
  • The Four Keys The Ancient Egyptians guarded their treasures with incredible feats of engineering. Your team will need to open four locks using the several tangram pieces available, but each person is the only one who can control their piece.
  • The Secret Symbol The Ancient Egyptians made great use of symbolism in their culture. Your team must determine which path is the correct one to take by correctly communicating the information you each have, but without anyone speaking.
  • The Court of the Underworld One of the “Seven Steps To Paradise” was to be led into the great Court of the Underworld by the god Aker. Teams must find a path through the maze using the team device.
  • The Oracle Message To gain access to the next chamber, your team must appease the local Oracle. Teams will need to demonstrate their intelligence, appreciation for Egyptian wisdom, and ability to work together in their teams and as an organization
  • The Celestial River The Egyptians believed it was an important step in the process of entering the afterlife to cross the celestial river. Using the materials provided, each team must cross this legendary obstacle.

Accessory Challenges Teams complete additional challenges, such as trivia, brainteasers, and hilarious “facilitator missions,” to earn points for purchasing accessories for their toy.

Assembly (15 minutes) Teams build a bike or other toy, then accessorize and inspect their toys.

Group Discussion (5-10 minutes) All teams come together to share their experiences and lessons learned.

Charity Introduction (5 minutes) We present an overview of the charity that will be receiving the toys. A representative from the charity may be available to accept the toys.

Wrap-Up (5 minutes) We end with a few final words and a group picture with the completed toys.

Toy Options:

  • Boxes of toys for needy kids
  • Bicycles / Tricycles
  • Backpacks for shelters
  • Gift boxes for vets
  • Other donations upon request



3 hours +/-





Group Size

20-500 people


Complete facilitation, event materials, team bandanas, toys & toy delivery, event photos.

“You all did a fantastic job! We enjoyed it and the employees got a lot from the exercise.”

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