Introduction (5 minutes) Our staff welcome participants and set expectations for the day’s events.

Warm-ups & Energizers (10-15 minutes) We lead a few fun activities that break the ice and get the group physically and emotionally involved.

Optional: Thinking Styles Module (45-60 minutes) This is an interactive learning game where participants gain valuable insights into their own thinking and decision-making styles. These styles are utilized in the goal setting process, and when identifying action steps and potential set-backs.

Comfort Zone Talk (10-15 minutes) This hands-on demonstration illustrates how easy it is to get caught in the complacency trap, and how we typically respond when confronted with a new challenge. The point is made that all achievement happens outside our comfort zones and that discomfort is not the problem, but the signpost to success.

Optional: Goals & Barriers (30-60 minutes) This session begins with a brief discussion on goalsetting: how to state goals specifically and positively, and then to honestly address any barriers (real or perceived) that may be holding us back.

Breakthrough Challenge (30-60 minutes) The group learns a step-by-step process for breaking through their boards safely and effectively. After everyone has broken through, the group discusses the applications of the metaphor of board breaking.

Closing & Wrap-up Activity (5-15 minutes) The group shares what the event has meant to them, decisions they have made based on their experience, and how the team can apply those lessons as well. We end with a fun but meaningful closing activity and a team picture.