Welcome & Warm-Ups (20-30 minutes) Atlanta Challenge staff welcome the participants and set expectations for the event. We then lead some fun warm-up activities that also randomly create teams of 8-10 people.

Team Up (5-10 minutes) Each team creates a name and war-cry which represent their commitment to success and teamwork.

Team Games (60-180 minutes) Some possibilities include:

  • Catapult Dodge Ball: Using their bungee-powered catapult, teams try to knock down an opposing clan’s castle while racing to build their own castle under fire.
  • Sword Duel: Opponents face off in the sword duel ring, but the rest of each clan can reach in and take a swing as well. Only cunning warriors will be victorious!
  • Rat Golf: A fast-paced, group scoring field game.
  • Battle Bowling: This is a combination of bowling anddodge ball, with a Viking battle at sea storyline.
  • Quarter Staff Fight: Partners try to knock opposing team members off a set of logs, while dodging the incoming pillows of the non-fighting participants.
  • Crossbow Tag: A medieval version of paintball. Clans race to gather ammunition (foam darts) and then launch them at the opposing team. Coordination, cooperation, accuracy, and strategy are key to success!

Half Time Show (optional) (20-30 minutes) To ensure that no one gets overheated, we take a brief, entertaining break half way through the program. Each team develops a short, Viking-themed show to present to the group.

Medal Presentation Gold medals are presented to the overall highest scoring team, and we acknowledge the high scoring team for each game.

Wrap-Up (10-15 minutes) The Vikings come together at the end to share their insights about what it takes to be a successful Viking (team player) and how they need to work together to be a successful clan (team).