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Teams assemble a wheelchair to be donated to a local charity, then they compete in a team vs. team virtual scavenger hunt.


This crowd-pleasing wheelchair team building is a great combination of a traditional charity build program PLUS a fun team competition. Each team assembles their wheelchair while overcoming some communication and materials management issues. Once the chairs are completed, teams will attempt to earn as many bonus points as they can in our scavenger hunt race, where each person on the team gets a turn in the chair as they complete a series of fun challenges. A great program for groups that want to have a fun and competitive team bonding experience while engaging in a corporate social responsibility activity.

  • Give back to the community by donatingwheelchairs.
  • Build morale and team cohesion by focusing on something bigger.
  • Develop communication and group problem solving skills.
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Agenda & Activities

Welcome & Warm-Ups  (10-15 minutes) Atlanta Challenge staff welcome the group and set expectations for the wheelchair team building. We then lead some fun warm-up activities that get the group moving and ready to fully participate.

Team Up!  (5 minutes) We lead some fun warm-up activities that also randomly create small teams for the rest of the charity team building event.

Building Phase (60-120 minutes)Teams work to assemble their wheelchair on time. During construction, teams must overcome obstacles such as another team having some of their instructions or only having one type of tool. So even though teams will be competing for points, they still must work together to successfully build all the wheelchairs.

Quality Inspection (5 minutes)Each wheelchair is inspected by the team and our staff to ensure safety and build quality.

The Wheelchair Scavenger Hunt  (20-45 minutes) Each team tries to earn as many points as they can by completing a series of fun and adventurous challenges. Each time they finish a challenge, another team member gets their turn in the chair as they race off to find the next task.

Teamwork Review  (10-15 minutes)The team dis-cusses what they observed during the activity, how this reflects what happens in their workplace, and what changes will help the team be more effective in the future. Organizational silos typically come up.

Charity Introduction (5 minutes)The group learns about the charity that will be receiving the wheel-chairs. For larger programs, a representative from the charity may be available to accept the donation.

Wrap-up (5 minutes) We end the charity team building with a thought provoking activity and a team picture with the wheelchairs.

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“I just wanted to say a special thanks to everyone at Atlanta Challenge. It was a great session! we look forward to partnering with you next time we are in Atlanta!”


Program Content
Team Skills
Team Fun
Team Work
Team Bond

Length: 3 hours +/-

Activity: Light

Location: Indoors

Group Size: 5-500 people

Includes: Complete facilitation, event materials, team bandanas, wheelchairs & delivery, event photos.

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