Welcome & Warm-Ups (5 minutes) Atlanta Challenge staff welcome the participants and give a quick overview of the event. We then lead some fun warm-up activities.

Team-Up (5-10 minutes) If the group is not already split into teams, we use our last fun, light-activity warm-up game to randomly sort participants into teams.

Introduction & Instructions (5 minutes) Atlanta Challenge staff explain the rules for the game, and facilitators distribute answer sheets and other program materials to every team. Each team selects a secretary to write their answers.

The Game (1-2 hours) Table-teams earn as many points as they can by working together to complete several hands-on games. There are three types of games: team representative challenges, solo performance challenges with a team score, and all-hands challenges by each team.

Sample challenges:

  • Flap Jacks: A representative from each team comes to the “stage” and tries to flip as many chips as they can into a bowl they wear on a hat.
  • Sliders: Each person on the team makes a stack of alternating cards and cups, then must quickly slide the cards out so that the cups fall into each other. The taller the stack they risk, the more points they get.
  • Bounce Shot: Similar to many popular “bounce a ping pong ball into the container” games, but with a team twist – the container is suspended by ropes and controlled by the team.
  • Team Targets: Teams earn points by using our rubber band shooters to knock items off a base, rotating through the team as quickly as possible.
  • Stacked Up: In this team balance game, participants create the tallest stack of cups they can, while one team mate holds a very wobbly base to balance them on.
  • Carried Away: Teams transport as may balls as they can into a vertical pipe using only chopsticks.
  • Pedometer Relay: Each person on the team must get as many “steps” as possible in 30 seconds, then pass the pedometer to the next team mate.

Scoring (5 minutes) We announce team scores from bottom to top.

Wrap-Up (2 minutes) We express our gratitude to the group, take a team picture if appropriate, and make any announcements the group needs before breaking.