Professionally Run Office Christmas Party Team Building Activities Can Make This Year’s Event Truly Special

If you are looking to do something different for your Atlanta office Christmas party this year, you have come to the right place!  We have creative office holiday party ideas that we bring to you to wrap up your year in a memorable way. We run these holiday team building activities throughout Atlanta, Georgia, and beyond.

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Office Holiday Party Ideas We Run While You Enjoy

Planning activities for your office Christmas party doesn’t have to add to your holiday stress.  You can find space (reserving a room at your office works well!), arrange some food (if desired), and let us entertain everyone.  This lets you enjoy the office party with everyone else, and you take the credit for everyone having such a good time!  Start by deciding which type of office Christmas party ideas are most appealing:

The ``Just for Fun`` Work Christmas Party

Hold a holiday party that everyone will enjoy, and talk about well into the new year. Everyone will cheer, laugh, and compete in one of our ballroom team activities, such as:

  • Game Show – A fun team competition that fits in almost any space, and can be held during an office Christmas party meal.
  • Amazing Race – A high-energy, international-themed competition to get everyone energized and moving.
  • Win It in Minutes – A game-show style competition using hands on games.  Makes for an outrageously fun company Christmas party!
  • Outdoor Mall Dash – Bring your office Christmas party to one of Atlanta’s outdoor malls.  Enjoy the festive decorations, play a fun scavenger hunt (for charity, if you like), and mingle at a mall restaurant after the hunt.
The “Mix & Mingle” Company Christmas Party

These programs are more similar to the type of work Christmas party you might be used to.  Some are integrated with your meal or reception foods, and others put the focus on networking and getting to know other staff at your company.

  • A Tasting Race – A competitive journey around the world to sample different foods and beverages, without leaving the room. A fun and unique corporate holiday party idea.
  • Murder Mystery Dinner – This comedic dinnertime program encourages employees to mingle while participating in friendly competition.
  • Social Networking – Perfect for tight schedules!   Gamify your group’s networking with photos, videos, trivia and more in this app-based program.
  • Team Networking – A fun way to get everyone seeing and working with as many other people as possible. Makes and even better office Christmas party idea with the optional charity add-on.
The “Charitable Give Back” Office Christmas Party

Almost everyone loves to give back during the holidays. A fun charity team building helps everyone get into the spirit of the season, and is a great way to bring everyone together at your work Christmas party.

  • Charity Networking – Work with many coworkers to earn donation items in this fun activity.  Great for bringing a spirit of giving and camaraderie to your office holiday party.
  • Charity Treasure Hunt – Our Outdoor Mall Dash scavenger hunt, but for charity.  The more teams earn, the more they donate!
  • World of Giving – This fun, app-based scavenger hunt has teams completing challenges to earn donation impacts around the world. Can be done almost anywhere, even at an indoor company Christmas party.

Ask, and You Shall Receive

If you would like help deciding what the best activity is for your group, just ask! Complete the form on this page or call us at 404-848-1001. We will learn about your group, and send you a hand-picked short list of fun company Christmas party ideas.

What About 2020?

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