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Larger groups have a lot of details and a lot of stakeholders that need to be considered when doing team building. Our expert team will help you find a great team building event that fits perfectly into your overall meeting or conference, and facilitate that event so that your group loves what you found. Browse the programs below, or contact us for a custom packet of team building ideas.

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In this free 30-minute call, you will talk with our lead facilitator who designs all of our events and runs all of the large group programs. He will talk with you about what you want your group to get out of the event, review details about the venue and the agenda so that we know what will affect the event, talk a little about the participants so that we know what tone is appropriate, and then chat about some possible activities that may be a good fit. After the call we will send you a PDF with a few program suggestions and the specific rates. This call can be one-on-one or with your planning committee.


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Why Use a Local Team Building Company?

fun indoor team building for large groupsWe understand – your meeting or conference is a big deal, and you want everything to be professional and flow as seamlessly as possible. That may make it hard to trust a local vendor. But in our 15 years of running team building programs and conference activities in Atlanta, we know there are some distinct advantages we offer over the national companies. Here is our take on how we can serve you better:

Local know-how.

Atlanta Challenge runs hundreds of team building programs each year in the Atlanta area. We know the local hotels and conference venues inside and out. We know what programs will fit well in rooms at popular venues, and what attractions are in the nearby area. We can help you determine the time it will really take in Atlanta traffic to get from your hotel to another venue – or bring an activity to you at your hotel – so that you can maximize the time spent in your conference team building.


outdoor team building for large groupsBeing a local Atlanta team building company means we can respond to changes quickly, even if the weather or other challenges disrupt your event schedule. One of the most consistent features of corporate events is that there will be changes! From first contact, we are flexible and adaptable to what you’re trying to accomplish. We can help you find the best conference activity ideas for adults for your meeting, or customize a program if that is what would be best. As the day of your event nears, we can adapt as needed. We are generally able to be quite flexible with our cancellation, reschedule, and inclement weather policies compared to other event companies. We can even switch outdoor programs to an indoor option just 2 days before your team building!

No out-of-state travel rolled into your cost.

All of our staff live and work in the Atlanta area. That means you don’t pay rates that are padded for airfare, overnight hotel stays, and shipping equipment across the country.

Focused on Long-Term Relationships.

atlanta team building activities for large groupsOur team lives here, which means you get facilitators who are dedicated to a long term relationship with you and your team. Out of town groups fly someone in, and often use temps to staff their event. Atlanta Challenge Team Building has been delivering great events in Atlanta for over 15 years. We’ve worked with thousands of Atlanta area and Fortune 500 companies locally, and we will work with you to make sure that all the details are handled quickly and accurately so you can focus on your other priorities. Relax, we got this!

Fun without being cheesy.

A big concern of many of our clients is keeping participants engaged and having fun while avoiding the corny atmosphere of some team building and conference games. We work hard at designing engaging programs that participants will be glad to be a part of, even when they have not had a few drinks.

Let Us Make Team Building Easy for You.

If you are considering a team building activity for your group, let us help! Choose one of these options:

  • Download one of the PDFs at the top left of this page. These are great if you just want an idea of what is available your group size and how much it would cost.
  • Browse the team building activities at the bottom of this page. There, you will find everything we offer to groups this size, with full details. Use the filters to narrow down your options to just programs that fit your schedule and preferences.
  • Contact us for a hand-picked list of team building ideas. If you are in a hurry, or just don’t know where to start, fill out the form on this page or call us at 404-848-1001. We will learn a bit more about your group, then email you a hand-selected list of 4-8 team building ideas.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Want Us to Suggest Some Team Building Ideas?

There are so many team building options that it can seem overwhelming. Let us save you time!  Share a bit of information about your group, and our staff will hand-select 4-6 programs that would be a great fit for your event. For expert help selecting the right team building, complete the form on this page, schedule a free 30-minute brainstorm call, or call us at 404-848-1001.